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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Arundel News....Colin Heriot

Many people in Arundel will know 
Colin Heriot.
He's been a councillor for many years
and in 2008
was Mayor of Arundel.

Two years ago, Colin had a stroke 
and it was pretty much touch and go for a while.
he's back and with a vengeance it seems!

"Just to let you all know Colin is about to try and prove how well 
he's recovered since his near-fatal stroke 2 years ago.
The very nice physio lady he goes to has organised for several teams of patients to run/walk in the Hairy Haggis Run in Edinburgh on 22nd May.
Each team has 4 members - in Team 4 our son James is running 8mls and then he and Colin will walk 4mls!
We'll be there watching and cheering them on.
Different Strokes is a small charity that gives lots of support and advice on dealing with life after a stroke, especially to young victims (from birth to 65)
and has given us a lot of help over the last months.
The website for donations is below - I do hope you'll feel that the effort is worthy.
Thank you for your support2