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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year from Porky


After I stood on the scales at New Year, ridiculous  idea, I know,
I thought there must be some dreadful mistake.
Scales had jammed maybe..or worse still broken beyond repair!
Oh no...
much to my horror, I realised ..alas ..its official..I am porky.

 I knew it all along, of course, but had turned a blind eye to the scales
 winking at me from the corner of my bathroom and regularly
 kicked then under the cabinet out of sight.

Eventually, I could ignore it no, as a result of the shock 
I have started the New Year with some good intentions and
 have been regularly going for power walks/runs.

On Monday, my mate Allie and I had a wonderful hike through the park in Arundel.
Even way up in the hills, there were several walkers, as it was such a glorious morning.

I had just finished night duty at the residential home I work in,
.....for adolescents with challenging behaviour....and it is, at times, exactly that..challenging.
I cant tell you anything of course, due to confidentiality, but suffice it to say, I always thought I had the patience of, not exactly a saint, but pretty damn close.
I have an extremely long fuse, and in the past its taken quite a bit to get me ruffled.
Oh Oh...not any more, especially after a tough night.

Anyway, I'm digressing
 I thought the walk would clear my head a bit.
Which it did,
it made me forget everything......

The Hiorne Tower in Arundel Park, has appeared in Dr. reputed to be haunted
and was built by Francis Hiorne in the late 18th century.

We were lucky enough to catch sight of John Dunlop's horses out for their morning exercise.

Gorgeous hey?

We were saying how lucky we are to have such beauty right on our doorstep and we will endeavour to explore the area we have both lived in for a great number of years.

I did go out again yesterday morning

Hmmm not quite so gorgeous was it?
I gather some of the winds were 100 mile an hour.

I was absolutely drenched..but it blew any cobwebs away and I
returned to work on furniture, in the summer house.

I have a few orders for US trade customers on the go and also a very prestigious store in London.

The summer house had warmed up with the heater on and the
 sun broke through, so I had a lovely afternoon.

Sustained by copious cups of Earl Grey and Adelle singing her heart out,
I spent a very therapeutic afternoon sticking fish onto Victorian Chests of drawers

my summer house that sits right by the river Arun at the end of our garden in Arundel, Sussex

Before I needed to go for a nap, ready to go back on nights.

Nass is doing well with 
Nass Interiors 
and is finding new clients all the time.
He will deliver and collect antiques and also set up fairs such as Battersea for his customers...which is coming up soon. I have to admit I have never actually been... I must, as I always get sent complimentary tickets..and never seem to have the time to go.
This time I will...its meant to be amazing.

Oh! almost forgot
Ardingly Antique Fair is on the
10th and 11th January
if you've never been and you love antique and vintage 
you will love a day at Ardingly.

Have just returned from the aforementioned night duty and after varnishing
 a couple of chests of drawers, stoking up on a bowl of something
 I think I might just put on the blanket and