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Saturday, 14 January 2012

I had a busy day yesterday. 
Finished my nights and I am now on 2 nights on and 6 nights off rota, rather than 4 on and 4 off.
I had a yearly review, which is always a bit nerve racking, but seems I am doing ok, and although I sometimes find the job irritating as I am not a particularly confrontational person, 
it's good when you feel you make, at least, some headway with the challenging young people.

Now, with more days off, I hope to bash on with all my furniture.
My Summer House has become my studio and I work down the end of the garden by the river, 
which is a lot more conducive to productivity than the cold dank workshops I have had in the past.

March is the next busy month looming with many US trade dealers coming over, so I am preparing for that.

We have some visitors to our warehouse who comment, in a critical fashion, 
about the fact there are so many items with fish decoupage.
My answer to that is always if we have trade who want fish decoupage 
and are willing to buy 3,4 even 5 chests at a time as 
they are buying to take them through the next few months, 
would it not be a tad daft to only have one or two on display?

Also, when we have a piece in a national Interiors magazine, 
we are inundated with emails and phone calls, 
so we need as many as I can keep up with.

None, as they say, as odd as folk, 
and some people often seem to want to criticise more than lift you, don't they? 
Oh well, we all have our days, I guess, and I can be as negative as the next person at times.

I had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon.
What a beautiful day it was here in Arundel.

some images just look so much more dramatic in black and white

The light was glorious..really soft.

Has anyone out there been having trouble with a Samsung galaxy phone?
..mines a GT 19100.

Its gorgeous..all singing ..all dancing 
fabulous to hold, screen wonderful..big and clear.
takes great pictures,
Oh pretty near perfect...except for one thing...
I can't make decent phone calls on it!

People say it echoes the other end, they ask if I can call them on another phone....
No-one can understand what I'm saying.....
The list goes on.

I've taken it back once and they told me its probably as its was new and 
I didn't have all the updates downloaded.

Well, now I have and it's still rubbish reception, so alas I need to go back to the shop.
I've googled it and it seems there are loads of people out there with the same gripe.

Anyone found the answer yet???

We went to Ardingly Antique fair, this week and bought a few things, 
met up with dealer friends to chew the cud.

I hasten to add this are not the aforementioned chums

There were not as many dealers selling as there usually are, 
January is never a brilliant time , I guess for anyone.

It's always a good day out though, and if you've never been,
and you love interiors and vintage items,
you will love to rummage.
The next one is in March and well worth a visit.

We saw several of our mates,
A friend who lives in France and who brings the most gorgeous 
painted items of furniture over to Ardingly to sell.

Julie and Rudi from
Mangan Antiques,they always have some interesting items.
Soon, I will pop along to their warehouse to photograph it, 
but meanwhile here is their website link.

They met Jamie Oliver at one of the Newark Fairs and he went to visit their showroom/ warehouse.
He seemed to be looking for vintage items for a new restaurant.

You also get people looking for props for films and TV programmes at fairs.

You just never know who will come along.

Aint that just like life? 

Must press on with the painting.

have a great day 
whatever you are doing.