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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ardingly Antique fair in March

It's been a hectic week as Ive been busy getting ready for Ardingly on Tuesday
 and I did a couple of night duties in the middle if it.
On finishing my nights ...drove home..couple strong cups

and its onwards and upwards........
Here' a few of the pieces I have been manically finishing off.

this piece I am thrilled was a raggedly gilt screen with tatty fabric..
Now has botanical decoupage panels with mirror glass on the top...

music screen one and dragonflies on the other

the screen in all its glory

pulled my mate out to give me a hand,thanks so much Allie

vintage metal bath with fish decoupage

gilt on  a bamboo table with butterflies

red on a bamboo table with oakleaves

gilt on a  19th century bamboo cabinet

gilt and butterflies on a 19th century bamboo table

gilt and dragonflies on a 19th century bamboo cabinet

vintage music on a 19th century chest

fish on a Victorian bamboo table

 I am still manically working on stuff, today and tomorrow
and we have some US trade customers tomorrow also.
Tomorrow afternoon its loading the van ready for Tuesday at Ardingly. arcade 69.... if you are over there.

We probably wont be there on Wednesday,
so don't be looking for us then.

Meeting up with old nursing friends this week.
We all trained together in Brighton.
Val from France is coming to stay with us on Wednesday and Thursday.

OMG my house looks like a bomb site after all this furniture being worked on.

Have a great day
whatever you are up to