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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Monday we had some of our US trade customers.
We had been preparing for weeks and had taken about 8 chests of drawers and innumerable Victorian bamboo tables out of the house over the past week.

We were still working on them early morning of the clients arrival.
Nass dashed off to set up and put heating and lighting on in the warehouse.
I was still varnishing in my PJs.

Suddenly he phoned to say they had arrived and needed me down there.
I flew into the shower as I was covered in paint and varnish.
Pulled on yesterdays clothes and ran out of the door.

You know when last thing at night when you are really tired you pull all the layers of clothing off together and just dump them?
Well, I had done that and pulled them on again ...with clean underwear of course...
thank the Lord I noticed, as I was running down the road,
yesterday knickers dangling from my trouser leg.
Hmmm not a good look when you are trying to impress hey?

Not only did they buy loads they invited us to stay
with them when we go for Jay and Krista's wedding.

All in all, highly successful,
must have been my lucky knickers.

We had a great day at Ardingly antiques fair yesterday.

Nass, as usual is an amazing salesman.
Charms everyone.

He and Steve did the bulk of the work, loading and unloading.

Although they are not in partnership any more,
( Nass wanted to go it alone and set up Nass Interiors,)
its all quite amicable and they still do the occasion job together.
Although Nass was sorry to leave behind
Harmony Trading and the name they had built up as a partnership,
he is doing pretty well with his new business of
Nass Interiors
and is finding it exciting as he has some very prestigious clients on his books.
He regularly works for big auction houses such as Sotheby's and John Bellman.

Welcome to our mate, the lovely Russell who is working alongside Nass.

I had great fun at Ardingly taking pictures on my phone using a vintage app.

The place was buzzing and we were lucky that several US trade customers found us.

Also, I was thrilled that a film crew filmed my fish chests. me giving a bit of chat about the furniture.
I was taken a bit off guard, but my chum Allie said I didn't look too ridiculous!

The butterflies chest was a great hit and we had
lots of good comments as well as selling one.

All in all a good day.
Nass was exhausted as he had left the house around 4am to get there and set up.

My friend Val is coming to stay today.
She lives in Annecy, France and has come over as
5 of us old nursing buddies
are all meeting up in Eastbourne for the weekend.

We trained together in Brighton very many moons ago.
It promises to be a lovely few days ,
though the house is in a terrible state as
I've been working day and night on furniture.
Thought I would show her one of the lovely walks I have been doing of late.

We are also considering a shop in the town centre.

Been around and around in our minds as to whether it would work for us.

The warehouse really is lovely, but off the beaten track and takes a lot of
publicity, emailing, leaflet dropping, etc etc etc
to get people around there.
When they come around they love it.

Logistics of running a shop in town,
staffing it while I work on furniture
(and also nights until it takes off)
business tax,

whooooo gives you brain ache.

Lets see what evolves.

Hope you all have a great day.
Whatever you are up to.

ps check around yer ankles as you leave the house.

for moving antiques
the lovely Nass can be contacted

or call