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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Night Duty and Stained Glass...Showroom pictures & Ford Car Boot

Good morning.

April Fools day

and a lovely sunny one it is.
Cold first thing...we had to scrape the ice of the car.

Lovely relaxing drive home though,
after night duty,
along the A29,
trying to avoid the wretched queue at Crossbush.

We would be feeling a little grrrrrr
after a nights work.

I worked with my chum Bridget and we had a good night.
Managed to get everything done
and we didn't moan at each other
during any stressful moments.

Instead we laughed hysterically at
03.00hrs at anything that remotely resembled a joke.
It gets you like that sometimes, working nights.

I am just considering
a little walk before

The Warehouse

Apologies to any of our regulars who
like to visit us on a Saturday.
Many come for a wander and/or a chat.

I'm sorry that Nass wont be
there on Saturdays as a regular thing
and you might well find the warehouse closed.

We are looking into other ways of working at the moment.

We have looked into taking a shop, but the
logistics of sourcing and working on pieces and running a shop,
( and working nights, for that matter,)
are a little too complicated.

Expect to see us at more
Ardingly Antique Fairs though

I meant to get up early yesterday morning
to go to the car boot sale at Ford.

Its brilliant.

Alas, we had friends around on Friday evening
and shared a few bottles of vino.

Well, not alas we had friends round.
That was great fun.
Just too much of the red stuff.

So...all in all...errr....I never quite made it.
Nass went and returned with some great purchases.

Yet another chest of drawers to paint and decoupage.
It's a real peach and he got it for a good price.
Plus some wonderful garden pieces.

If you've never been you might want to try it.
Every Saturday morning at the airfield down at Ford.

It goes on until early afternoon,
but you would want to get there
early to catch the good stuff and the buzz.

you'll find a real mixture of things

working off the beaten track

It occurred to me, probably because we work a little off the beaten track ourselves,
that there are several other people in Arundel working just a tad under the radar.

Many of them producing the most lovely items for the home.

I thought it might be good to get to know some of them.

David Batchelor.

Here's a little bit about him and the beautiful work he produces.

If you're looking for stained glass or a gorgeous
glass splash back for the kitchen.
He could just be yer man

Divine Art and Craft

Founder of Divine Art and Craft
David Batchelor, was educated at the
prestigious architectural stained glass course at Swansea.
After studying for a 6 year period,
he continued to develop drawing and painting skills,
undertaking a number of commercial artwork projects,
then ran a stained glass studio for a company that made
Victorian and Edwardian windows.

After a couple of years he felt the time had come to
expand his skills as a growing passion for
wildlife illustration and glass painting increased.
In 1998 Divine Art and Craft Ltd. was established.

David's main goal was to add colour into every home
and he still holds these beliefs today.
By creating his first decorative glass tiles and splashbacks in 2000,
David went on to create a wider range of designed art glass products.

In 2008 with the introduction of the next level in glass tiles and glass splashbacks and by introducing hand painted designs,
and increasing the product ranges and services, Divine Art,
became more accessible to a greater number of people.

David's studio is based at Amberley working museum,
where on a daily basis he is showing the public
his craft and the possibilities of art glass.

2012 is busy so far designing and working on a
number of domestic commissions.
David is at present developing a number of new
"items" to be introduced shortly.

You might like to check out Davids website:

You can contact David at Divine Art and Craft
Tel: 07525 423301 Mail:

I've just finished working on some butterflies
decoupage chests of drawers.
Really pleased with the result.
We are painting with some
gorgeous summer colours
at the moment.

Getting ready for Ardingly Antique Fair

Have a wonderful day.
Whatever you are doing.