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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Arundel Cathedral carpet of flowers, the cinema at the Town Hall, paint courses and "up-cycling"

It was the carpet of flowers at Arundel cathedral yesterday

and it's on  again today,
 before the Mass at 5.30 and the
Corpus Christi procession to Arundel Castle.

I haven't been every year, though I probably should.
Its quite something to see and such a long, local tradition.

  A huge amount of work for the team which seems to have 
remained, fairly unchanged, for very many years.

I had a wander around and learnt so much about the tradition
that has been in the town since 1877,
with only a break during the first World war.
How amazing is that?

The then, Duke of Norfolk commissioned the building of the Church
 which later became the Cathedral, and which was completed in 1873.

He was so impressed with the floral carpets of flowers
he saw in Genzano near Rome,
he introduced the custom to Arundel in 1877.

he was quite a handsome chap wasn't he?

photos of several years of the carpet of flowers

It normally drawers huge crowds, but I think the weather is a bit of an off putter

Nass and I went to the Town hall last night to watch

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

What a wonderful film, I so enjoyed it.

I sort of had to drag the husband up with me.
The last time we went to the pictures together was the first
Bridget Jones movie.
OMG how long ago was that???

He doesn't really like going to the cinema,
although, I thought if we went again
 I might just give him a TV remote ha ha.
That might just work.
He's a bit of a channel hopper.

However, he did say he enjoyed himself,
and I thought I would chance my arm
but... when I suggested the next film
 he kind of squirmed a wee bit....maybe, maybe.............

Arundel Town hall

It's so quirky up at the Town Hall.

Its a bit like stepping back in time,
 to before all those mega plexes.

You can buy a glass wine or cuppa.
Take it in with you.

There is an interval to change the reels and
maybe another coffee or glass.
Its all very civilised.

And just a walk away,
so you get to meet  locals & friends,
you maybe haven't seen in a while.

I have always wanted  to go to India.
The film made me want to even more so.
Maybe one day I will get there.

Today, I need to push on with decorating
bamboo furniture
 I have in the studio.

I have a furniture paint and decoupage 
course on Sunday
and I need the space.

At the moment I'm in the process of sorting out new dates, 
but if painting, distressing or decoupage etc etc
is something you would like to learn, just email me at

and we can weave the day around
 you and the dates that suit you.

Here's a sample of the work I do.

this 19th century chest has been gilded and the decorated with decoupage

.... once you have learnt the basics
 you will be able to adopt your own style.

they call it these days.
You will be able to find an 
old piece of furniture at your local car boot,
or in your grannies loft,
and transform it.

Some of the pieces we have worked on have
 ended up in some very swish stores,
Paris, London and New York.

It just takes a bit of no how,
 a lot of elbow grease,
and a huge amount of patience
 and you can create something that 
you would be proud to call an heirloom.

On the other hand, you could transform
 something with a few coats of paint,
a little elbow grease,
and a little knowledge,
in a weekend.

Can't sit here chatting all day.....
I have so much work to catch up on.
I have been slacking,with all the
Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Have a lovely, lovely day
whatever you are doing