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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nass Interiors

Nass has set up on his, no, he hasn't left me... 

( business wise, I mean) 

He has started his own company 


he is SUCH a cheeky chappie!

He was sad to leave the 

Harmony Trading 

name behind,
after setting it up
three years ago and 
  publicising and building
 it up with his partner Steve. 

He hasn't taken early retirement..
or cut down to spend time with his wifey......
ha ha we'd end up killing each other!..

He is working as hard as ever and just decided 
it was time to move on
 and go it alone. 
If you needs antique pieces collected
and delivered, 
please do let him know.

He will also act as a courier for
overseas trade buyers.

Would you like to visit all those
off the beaten track, 
little known places,
to source your antiques?
With a charming companion?

Nass could be your man. 

Welcome to our friend Russell Dean who is 
Nass's sidekick and bearing up well 
under the strain of the verbal daily abuse.
( That'll be from Nass not from me, ha ha)
..only joking Nass..

If you want antiques moved anywhere 
in the south of England 
you can contact Nass on


or by email

Tell him I sent you,
I might get a commission.LOL

If you'd like to see what else we do
 our website is

and we can be visited by appointment