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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ardingly Antiques Fair & Victorian Bamboo in House and Garden Magazine next month

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

So what of today?

Sun's shining here for the moment.

I am trying to clear the house up a bit
and finish the bamboo order 
that's down at the studio

for my US trade customers.

By the way,
this Victorian Bamboo Table
will feature in
House and Garden Magazine 
next month.
It's great news for us, as any 
amount of publicity is wonderful,
particularly when you are a little
off the beaten track

We were at Ardingly Antiques Fair
 on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mon Dieu!
It's exhausting, 
and I wasn't 
the one 
loading/unloading /displaying 
at the fair.

Then, after 2 days, 
loading, unloading and displaying
 back at the showroom.

How people do the fairs all the time, 
I will never know.
Although,thinking about it,
 they will probably tell you, 
they get hooked.
I am sure you do.
There is such a buzz on that first morning.
Dealers scurrying around, buying and selling.

anyway, have a little stroll around with me...............

Millie...the dog of our friends Julie and Rudi from Mangan Antiques...
you can spot them by the Italian flag fluttering proudly above the stand.
They were filmed on the same day as us for the BBC.
I gather it will be screened in October or November.
We thought we would watch it all together and cringe in unison.

our stand

Russell who is keeping Nass Interiors going wonderfully, while Nass is away

We were very lucky with the weather... it didn't rain...threatened to...but thankfully held off.

diverse and not all antique and vintage...but who cares? Certainly not this little chap

or this one!

The displays range from very simple to ornate,
the dealers often exhibiting their own sense of humour and style.

off home...... clutching all their purchases.

Hope your day is going well.

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors

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