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Monday, 9 July 2012

Arundel Eccentrics in Liberty London, Nostalgic photos and Tea with Liam Neeson yep... that drew your attention

Good Morning.

Look what I saw on the
Liberty of London Facebook page.

Recognise the table?
Yes it is one of
Arundel Eccentrics.

Great to see them popping up here and there

check out this article in House and garden last month.

Yes folks, its our cabinet.

How wonderful to see 19th century pieces,
 I've lovingly restored and decorated in my studio
 at the end of the garden and in my kitchen,
 here in Arundel, 
ending up in some extremely high end places.

Here is a little more about what we are up to these days.

We don't JUST deal with the trade.
Anyone can come and visit us.
It is a little more difficult when you work like we do,
slightly off the beaten track.

It's not FAR off the beaten track,
but it might as well be a million miles away sometimes.

When the town is buzzing with festivities,
its not easy to cajole people into 
walking down the alley and round a corner.
It's a shame.

They would be amazed by what they saw.

Paul the restorer is on site Monday to Friday all day.
We don't open at weekends now, as we just cannot get cover,
while we are out buying, delivering antiques, 
 decorating furniture, or running our paint courses.

If you would like to view our current stock
 just get in touch with us and we can make an appointment.

It's been a busy few weeks.

We are preparing for Ardingy Antiques fair
next Tuesday and Wednesday

so I have been busy working on Victorian Bamboo.

and chests of drawers in our own special colour which we call
Ardingly Blue.

Why Ardingly?
Because everything we had decorated in that colour just flew off the stand at the last fair

You will find us in the Shopping Arcades.
Come and say "Hello" if you are there.

Arundel still looks pretty though often wet and windy,
like everywhere at the moment.

All the babies down Mill Road are growing fast 
and are constantly being photographed by tourists 

I swear they pose.....

I haven't been walking as much over the 
past week as life has been a tad hectic.

I have to get Bella to check my emails for me when I am busy. Ha ha

I've been having a very nostalgic time recently 
scanning in all my old family photographs.

Is it just me,
or does nostalgia ALWAYS make us feel sad and weepy??

 My family has lived in Brighton for several generations.
My lovely Mum on Brighton seafront.

 I just LOVE this picture of her...I guess 1940's?

this is her parents, my dear grandparents
 in the write up that was in the 
Brighton Argus, not very long before they died.

They were a gorgeous pair.
Grandad was  lovingly Nan just wonderul.

When my Nan died, he fell down the stairs 
at her wake and ended up going to hospital.
He never went home again.

There is part of me that feels he just didn't want to return alone, after being together 71 years.

My Mum and Dad in the 1950's.
He was a Brighton Policeman..out on the beat.
He had some wonderful stories to tell.

ha ha
Here's one to make you laugh.

Oh yes, this really is me.
It was for a publicity shot for the 
nursing Agency I worked for.....
back in the day
The photographer asked me to stay on 
after the nurse shoot bit
to have ....what did he call them?

"some very tasteful" 
photos done.

I ran like the wind

July 4th was my son,Jay's birthday.

I put a few pictures together to send him.
What a great day for a birthday when you live in the US.

He is now a menswear designer,
living in California.
Laguna Beach.
Most of the black and white shots 
are when he did a bit of 
modelling in his teenage years.

Clever, clever boy,my Jay,
doing so well.
Not that I am biased you understand.

ha ha 
check out the specs.

This is me when
I used to run vegetarian lunch bar,
in a Sussex school.

Liam Neeson 
had some of our munch once.
Not sure what he thought of it.

Some of his lovely family, 
friends of mine,
 worked at the school 
and he was visiting them.

He wasn't just there because
 we cooked amazing grub. ha ha
Although, I like to think we did.

I once had tea with him 
and Julia Roberts.
Yes, really.

I suspect I remember it
 in much more detail than they do LOL.

A few years ago I was in Paris, on a trip that
took us round all the antique brocantes.

I didn't buy much as I didn't have the cash.
These were my most favourite find.
Because in every card there lies a story.

Look at the date on this one.

Almost 100 years

wonder who Alice was?

she's rather gorgeous don't you think?

I am thinking of making some of them
 into greetings cards.

Last week, we had the 
BBC filming in our warehouse.
Exciting stuff.

Wonderful to be chosen.
More about it, on the last posting.

While they were filming us,
with the actress
Alison Steadman.....

Our chums 
Julie and Rudi
at Mangan Antiques
had the other team at
 their antiques warehouse.

We didn't find out until the next day.

Have a look at their website for details of the visit.

We made it into the 
West Sussex Gazette

one of our decoupage shell chests in the aforementioned "Ardinlgy Blue"

We are thinking we will all get together
 to watch the programme, 
have dinner and squirm,en masse.
It'll need copious amounts of wine, I am certain.

It will be October/ November time.
Let you know, so you can laugh hysterically.

Have a great day

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