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Monday, 13 August 2012

Paint Furniture Workshops in August at great prices, Arundel Festival & Arundel walks.

Hello from Arundel Eccentrics

Hope you had a good weekend.
Here are the dates for the August
Paint and Decorate Furniture workshops.

As you can see we have some great offers at the moment.

Now, if there are no dates that suit you.
Don't worry.
Just let us know when you want to do
a workshop day and we will fit in with you.
( as much as possible)
If there is no-one else on that day,
lucky you,
you will have a day's workshop,
all to yourself.

heres a link to the booking form,
just print it off and return to us,
with the dates and a deposit..

Ignore the price on there, if you are booking for August
Its £85 per person.

If you want to gather a couple of mates and all have a great day out,
we will do it for
£80 each.

I know..crazy isnt it?

The Autumn dates will be out in the next few days.
Autumn...scary how the year is bowling along isnt it?

 Workshop dates
should be out by Friday

Arundel Festival

Starts this weekend

17th until 27th August

Check out the festival website ...there are loads of events.

The Gallery Trail is still as wonderful as ever.

so grab a leaflet and map,
and go out there and enjoy trailing...
through gardens and houses, shops and restaurants,
you'll find galleries all over town.

We have lovely
Jenny Lock the artist,
 down at our warhouse/showroom

so we will be open every day of the festival.

Arundel Walks

I had a lovely walk yesterday.
It was really hot and was wonderful to head
 up into the hills where there was a breeze.

walked along the path from Fitzalan Road.
It was overgrown and difficult to see where the edge was.
Anyway, come along with me and I'll put the map on as well,
 (when I can work out how to do it LOL)
so you can walk it if you ever are in Arundel.
Its about 2 hours at a steady pace

the new Arundel Museum being built

there were people everywhere enjoying the sunshine

this is the old London comes right through the park and
was the very road Queen Victoria used to come into the town

on the right is the pathway I started out on....the walk was six and a half miles
 home  again...........

our wedding invitation arrived from Jay and Krista on Saturday.

It reminded me of an old Collins Dictioanry I had years ago.
When Jay left home a few years back I found it carved out like this.
I realised then, thats where he had hidden away all his cash  LOL
Wise move Jay

Maybe that's how he got this idea.
Anyway, it was beautifully done

Now, I must sort out the Autumn dates for the next set of workshops.

have a great day.

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors

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