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Thursday, 13 September 2012

New York to Washington to Winchester, Virginia....The wedding approaches..

 New York to Washington DC

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics
Winchester, Virginia.

What a great week it's been so far.

We travelled by bus from
New York City
Washington DC
on Monday,
where we met up with our friends,
who had travelled from
Annecy in France
the previous day.

We did the sights,
found Washington to be a 
much quieter place than NYC,
although parts of it
 seem to close 
too early for our
European tastes,
and we found the restaurant
closing around us
as we were still 
digesting our food,
not much after 9pm.

Apart from that, and a 
few of the prices
being adjusted for tourists,
if you get my meaning,
we had a great time. the fact we 
were standing near the 
White House when the
 boss returned home,
and although we didn't 
actually get to see much,
it was great being caught
 up in the excitement of it all.

Is that him just on the 
left side of that window?
Not sure.....

to Winchester, Virginia.

Jay our son and Krista, his bride to be
picked us up from Washington yesterday morning
 and we returned 
to Virginia,
in readiness for the wedding on Saturday.

We found some great typical US diners where I thought the interiors fascinating,
and loved taking pictures,
however, if you are veggie, like me, its often hard to find something to eat. LOL
Oh well, the carnivores were happy...I had to be content with taking photos and a couple of slices of toast.

the wedding festivities begin

We all went to this wonderful place,
it was right out in the middle of no where,
and was Krista's favourite place to go,
with her best friend and matron of honour,Dawn,
when they were both children.

Jay and Krista

Dawn and her friends and family had done a great job on decorating the place..........

Gorgeous hey?
So, the guys are off to the bucks day today,
and the ladies off for wine tasting,
amongst other things.

Hope you have a great day
Looks as if we will.

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