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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Saturdays & Birthdays in New York City

Arundel Eccentrics go to New York

Good Morning from

Yaaay its my birthday also.
Happy birthday me

We are having a wonderful time visiting friends.
Nass's chum he was at
 school in Sussex 
with all those
years ago.
We've met his lovely wife and
 gorgeous child for the first time.

We've laughed until we've cried,
as is the case with old and dear friends
 that you don't see for years,
and then just pick up where you left off.

I have been out and about with my trusty camera.

So, here we have...........

Saturday in New York City

We went down to Battery Park as we were going to Ellis Island,
but alas they stopped the ferry as there were severe weather warnings

that water was pretty choppy.

ha ha I was so busy running around taking candid shots I didn't realise until afterwards this was Nass

after Battery park, we took a cab to meet friends in Madison Square Park

yes that's us

People watching the US Open Live in the park

There was loads of things going on...
and I wandered around..looking at all activities going on in the park.


dog walking

chilling out with friends

or just sitting.............

or dozing..............

playing frisby

New York fashionistas, 

Central Park & exploring NYC

New York fashion Week was going on

Nass and me...yeah very funny Nass

Off to Birthday Brunch

have a great day

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