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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rock and Roll at Shoreham and Evening at the Warehouse

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

At long last we went to the 
Rock and Roll club over in Shoreham.
I've meant to go for years.

It's like stepping back in time.
Loads of jivers dress the part.

Pictures aren't brilliant but you might get a sense of the atmosphere.

Next stop?

I'm trying to talk Nass into learning to jive.
Not holding out MUCH hope at present....but you never know.

little bit of strolling going on there

Here's the link to the Shoreham site

Victorian chests ...latest design

Our botanicals chests are proving to be popular.
19th century chests of drawers that we paint and
 then decorate with Victorian drawings of botanicals and butterflies.

They take an age to cut out, but its worth it.
This chest is massive and as a result looks stunning.

Evening at the Warehouse

Looking forward to our evening at the Warehouse at the end of the month.
Come along if you live locally.

We have a great collection at the moment in antique decorative furniture
and also will have some interesting gifts on the night.

these are great...we had them made up...lights from Ten Pin Bowling pins

Have a great day

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