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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Our warehouse/ showroom, France, Arundel and the elderly blind cat who adores actor Bill Nighy.

Hello from
Arundel Eccentrics
Decorative Antiques.

Beautiful day here in Arundel.

Our warehouse/showroom

sunburst mirror in the warehouse
made into lamps

our victorian bamboo

some of our vintage buckets

old shop signs


a bit of fun

French Chateau

Do you like France?
I must give you this link.
If you are fond of all things French you will love it.
My gorgeous daughter in law in California sent the link.
She enjoys reading all sorts of stuff on France.

Its about, well, what it says on the tin.

The chateau is stunning and was abandoned and in a great state of disrepair.
Bought by an Australian couple they are slowly bringing it to life, 
and finding some interesting pieces in the rubble.
The blog charts their journey.

Heres the  address

Nass and I are toying with the idea of living in France.
HaHa we wont be buying such a large house unless we win the lottery..

Here's a few of my French album pictures.
I mostly took these in Sees, Northern France....and Annecy in the Haute Savoie.

Our old blind cat

I adore our cat.
She is a real character.
21 this year.
Now totally blind.

So she has become much more vociferous.
Screaming out for food.
Bellowing to know where we are.
I wake in the night to find her right by my head.
She wants to be close.

Its ok until I'm trying to concentrate.
Updating website etc.

She hangs her head over the top stair and wails.

I found the perfect solution.
I love listening to plays etc on the Ipad when  painting furniture.

In desperation, I put the ipad in the bedroom.
Switched on the lovely Bill Nighy in a Charles Paris Mystery
(incidentally written by Simon Brett who lives just outside Arundel)

 Mr. Nighy's dulcet tones sent her into a euphoric doze on the end of the bed.

I'm going to join his fan club.


I must get on.
Bamboo to paint.
Today looks so beautiful I must try and get a good walk in.

Not enough hours in a day.

Here a  few Arundel pictures.
We really do live in a gorgeous place.

by the way...notice the swan on the left.
Nests there every year.
Almost every year either the eggs or the chicks get swept away by the tide.
I see she is sitting on her nest again this year.
Cant bear to watch .

On a brighter note .
Here is our lovely town.

Add caption

soldiers join in the Morris Dancing

Have a good day

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