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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Slimming World, Autumn Arundel Walk, an interesting slant on inviting someone to dinner & a day in the life of a friend in France.

Good Morning from Arundel.

How’s your week gone?
Where are the months flying along to?

I've been working on 19th century deed boxes,
mostly, this week.

These were French postcards I found in Paris some years ago.
Look at some of the dates.
Stories behind every one of them.

Here is a link to some of the recent decoupage and a few other pieces.
I'm not having much time to keep up with website and painting everything at the moment.
Latest items with decoupage

and our link to the Hoarde where we have several pieces.

This week I met up with dear old friends 
at a small gallery in Surrey.

It is in the middle of no-where,
 but has a huge following.

Watts Gallery is in a pretty,
 small village, just outside Guildford
 called Compton.

We sat in their fantastic cafe for two hours,
 nursing cups of tea and catching up.

The cafe has a wonderful cupboard
 full of vintage cups,
 saucers and teapots.  
When tea and scones arrive
 the china  is mismatched. 
No flowery cup matches its saucer, or tea pot.

On their brochure,
 one of the quotes from a regular says,

“ It’s a magical, atmospheric place,
 even on a dull drizzly day, that makes it even more mysterious!
 So many people don't know it exists down here, 
tucked away in the countryside. 
I love to share the secret”

Sums it up.
We love meeting there 
as its a great half way point,
in beautiful surroundings.

Here's the link.

Watts Gallery

Slimming World & Arundel Autumn Walks

I missed a couple of weeks at
 Slimming World,
as I had workshops to run,
but went back yesterday.

I'm doing OK.

Slowed down a bit at the moment,
but I know my downfalls. LOL

Never mind, it's about a stone and a half so far.
Feeling much better about myself.

I hated things like Skype,
looking down at the ipad
 and seeing a bit fat face ...mine that is, 
not who I was talking to. Ha Ha

Slimming World Arundel
is lovely group of people and
 everyone supports each other.

It's  Saturday in the local
Scout Hall at 10 am.

The meeting has its funny moments.

One girl hadn't done great last week.
Said it was down to the fact she was
 having an affair,

Quietly adding....
" With a jar of Nutell.a."

I'm continuing to walk
 as many days as I can.
Mostly 4-5 miles.

My app tells me when I've achieved it 
with a very loud,
"Ta Dah."
from the phone my pocket.

I DID have a chuckling few minutes, 
and no-one to share with.

Out walking and thought,
" Hmm not going to make it back to Arundel."
You know what I mean?

Looked this way, and that.
No-one around.
Squatting down behind  a bush
 and at the crucial moment,
a very loud......

"Ta dah."

Yep I nearly jumped 10 feet.

Laughed and laughed to myself afterwards.

Had a lovely walk up through 
Autumnal Arundel Park on Friday.

I love this view across Swanbourne Lake.

By the way, not a sight we see often in Arundel.
A coach party of Buddhists monks arrived one afternoon
 to enjoy Swanbourne.

Mill Road, interesting vehicle.

water vole along Mill Road
He was just about to dash out of his hole when he spotted me.
This is him being incognito

Our friend Amy came to dinner on Friday.

Now this is the great thing and I'm thinking it could be the way forward.

Amy is from Arundel, lives in London, and comes down periodically
 to see her dad and catch up with friends.

So she feels really comfortable cooking in the friend's house
instead of inviting people to dinner.

I met the Victoria to Arundel train
 and Amy arrived
 loaded with all
the dinner ingredients
 and a bottle of wine.

She cooked a fantastic meal,
while Nass and I sat watching 
with a glass in our hand.

So next week,

I'm thinking 


Sunday lunch...Pam and Ian

Nah...only joking....although, of course
 it might just catch on. 
Ha Ha

A Day in the Life

I have several friends who live in France.
So much so its somewhere we would be interested to live.

I was watching on ipad yesterday
 that lovely series
by Rachel Koo
 an English girl who
 lives in Paris 
and cooks in her tiny kitchen
running a supper club.

She uses many vintage cooking utensils.
If you like the vintage look you will love it.

Saying I was watching I had it
 on in the background
 while working on decoupage.

That's where the ipad is so fantastic.

Anyway here is her blog

and here's another great blog.
by an American living in Paris
who just loves food.
The photographs are beautiful, by the way.

A little while ago
I mentioned I would very much like to run
" A Day in my life"
Friends who wouldn't mind telling us about their day. 
Particularly as we have friends dotted around 
all over the world.

If you fancy putting
down about your day
email me.

Jan used to live in Arundel,
but for many years has resided in France. 

ha ha... some of my lovely chums in France

Monday  10 a.m. or so, I am barely awake, struggling with the after effects of too much wine and gingerly picking my way around the remnants of yesterday’s family lunch for 20.  Pascal, my French other half, is one of 10 children, so family meals do tend to be humongous affairs and yesterday’s lunch, like most, stretched out over a number of hours and we eventually said ’goodbye’ to the stragglers at 3 a.m.  Luckily, Pascal’s sister, Francoise, has a partner, Eric, who is a chef and they had descended upon us from Paris and stayed the weekend.  Before lunch yesterday, Eric kicked me out of the kitchen and I was only too happy to obey.

Now, looking my usual utterly-gorgeous-hung-over self,  I hear a forceful knock at the front door.  Smiling sheepishly, I open the door and blearily take in the portly figure of our Assistant Mayor, Monique.  She has most definitely come on a mission and full of self importance, asks me if I’d be interested in receiving an invitation to a TOOPAIRWAGH party.  I’m game for anything but what in heck is toopairawagh?  My look of incomprehension did not go unnoticed and Monique with slight irritation pronounced ’tu sais Jane, TOOPAIRWAGH, as if that would clarify everything.  One point here, the French are incapable of getting their head around the fact that my name is Jan, so I am always Jane.  Light finally dawned and I said that I would love to receive an invitation.  Monique explained that her daughter-in-law, unable to find a job, had decided that toopairwagh might be the answer.

I decided that some fresh air might be good for me and went for my usual morning run around the village.  An old couple, Monsieur and Madame Maunier, had developed the habit of coming out onto their front terrace, waiting to wave to me as I would run by their house.  Sadly, Monsieur Maunier had died and Moumoun, as I now know her, is alone and I try to visit her at least once a week, so I pop in to see her.  Moumoun grew up in Montmartre and she and Monsieur Maunier lived there until he retired.  They would visit his parents in this same village house that they eventually came to live in and they would travel all the way from Paris by tandem.  Moumoun is very proud of antique grandfather clock in her living room.  She and her husband bought it in a larger village near here many years ago, took it to pieces and transported it back to Paris on their tandem.

Back home, Francoise and Eric finally put in an appearance.  A late lunch with them and then a walk up the hill and across the fields to the next village, Francoise complaining all the way.  We round of the day by going to Odile’s bar ’l’Auberge’ at Bussy Rabutin.  A teeny packed bar in winter, which spills outside in the summer, often with music and dancing in the street.  Lots of 2 sides, 3 sides or 4 sides kissing on arrival of course, then loud animated philosophical discussions and arguments (as only the French know how) whilst being plied with wine, pastis and beer.  Some English friends turn up, a huge relief for me.  I wind down sleepily watching a glorious sunset at the sun disappears gradually behind the rolling hills.       

Thanks Jan

Have a great day
a bientot!

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