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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ardingly Antique Fair

Ardingly Antique Fair

It's  Ardingly today and tomorrow.

If you've never been, do try and go.
You'll be in for a real treat if you love anything old.

It's worth going on Tuesday if you can.
Although the entrance is more expensive...
£20 and it's £5 on the second does tend to have more buzz.
Some stall holders only stay the one day.
If you go on a Tuesday you
 can use the same ticket the next day
 and go back for even more LOL

The fair is huge.

The first time I went to buy bamboo I wasn't organised enough.
It's worth jotting down the stall number and roughly where it's situated.
Even take a photo on your phone.

You'll buy, but cannot bring car or van in until after midday.

Then you'll go round to collect your precious purchases. 
You'll  think you know exactly where they all are.  
But if you've bought a lot of items, you  could wander around for hours...............
 ....................and hours.

There were some bamboo tables, I never did find again......
and I had paid for them.
Almost wept.

If you do need to bring car or van in. 
Just go to the organisers office and get a ticket for your vehicle.

There are maps to help you find your way around.
You can get them at the organisers office.
There are food stands...inclined to be expensive but ok.

Apart from if you are veggie.
Maybe worth taking your own lunch if you are.
I used to love having lunch there.
A few years ago there was more choice for vegetarians..but not any more.

Here's the link to more about the fair and all dates for the year.

We came home early today
which was a shame as the sun was shining.
It was beautiful there.
Nass to open our shop.
Me to get on with painting furniture.

19th century bamboo that we restore and decorate.

We have a write up coming out in
Antiques Trade Gazette very soon.
Lovely to be asked.
Not sure when its out.
I'll let you know.

Our chest
 that we decorated for a 
House and Garden shoot
will be out in April.

Exciting stuff.

See our latest antique items on

have a great day.

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