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Friday, 15 May 2015

London Wedding, Slimming World, Antique Blogs & Arundel walks.

 London Wedding

Nass and I ventured  to the big city on Saturday to attend my nieces wedding.

We delivered two sold French bedsides en route.

These are little vintage French

bedsides that we paint and decorate. 

Butterflies are one of our clients favourite images.

We had to go to Fulham first.
Made good time, but needed to deliver to flats on the 6th floor.
We had to park a way down the road and lug the bedsides.
Couldn't find the entrance.

Once done we sank back into the car with relief. 
Now we were on our way.

The wedding was at Stoke Newington on the other side of London.
We started to panic just a tad as all the pedestrians and lights were most defo against us. LOL

Past Harrods, and Piccadilly Circus, where buyers were out in force.
Traffic was slow.
We arrived with only 5 minutes to spare.
Where to park?

There were spaces just outside the church but they were resident parking only.
Take the chance?

Decided against ....the way the journey had gone it didn't bode well.

A resident suggested we park in the church car park.
It looked as if only the clergy could park there.
But these were extreme measures.

"Open the gate, open the gate," shouted Nass, glancing at the car clock.
The two gates had a joint in the middle and folded in half.
Oh yes the wind blew .....crushing my hand in the gate.

"Open the gate," screamed my beloved when I just stood apparently lifeless.
I was actually hopping around cussing and holding my throbbing hand, though, of course, sophisticated in my wedding finery.
Opening the gate with the good hand and shoving on my hat at a jaunty angle, I ran.
We just got in before the lovely bride made her entrance.

When I showed Nass my injuries he felt bad as he hadn't acknowledged my dilemma at the time.

He looked at me very sympathetically, tenderly holding the bruised, throbbing hand.

What he actually said was,
"Phew thank goodness it wasn't your fingers, you could have crushed them...... no more decoupage then."

Ha Ha

Here's the wedding.

I turned some pictures into black and white as it suited the vintage feel of the brides outfit.

reminded me of Paloma Faith.....

Gorgeous hey?

some things just need to be seen in colour though.........Ha Ha

The reception was held at The West Reservoir Centre in Green Lane, London

where they served fish and chips

Nass and the lovely bride

she looked ecstatic......
Well, actually they both did.

Nass and I.....

I must show you this dreadful photograph......

The one on the right is before I started Slimming World last summer...
the one on the left is the wedding on Saturday

I aint saying a word....only to say huge thanks to Hazel at Arundel Slimming World.

Latest Pieces

Here's a few of our latest items.

I've just completed this little Victorian chest.
Gilt then fish decoupage...crazy huh?

old French wallpaper rollers..make great lamps/

This was a chest we were commissioned to do by
House and Garden magazine...It was in last months issue.

I love the spotty glass on this dresser.

French magazine sellers stand.

You'll find all our latest items with
 prices and measurements on


You could spend hours I know,
but here's a few of the blogs
I love to check out when I get the time.

Gary Sharp is an 
antique dealer.
He's English but has lived in Canada for many years.

Gary Sharpe at Gary C.Sharpe - 1 week ago
The past couple of weeks at our place have been a little crazy, in a good way mind you, busy and productive. The main reason for our extreme busyness was the preparation of our first Canadian Antiques show and then the actual event which I am delighted to say was a huge success for us. Sure we made sales which is always great but so much more importantly we met so many wonderful people that weekend and rather excitingly a couple of those we met have already become very good clients. Preparation time Set up day at the show Like the majority of antique dealers I am passionate... more »

There's a great site called Bloglovin, where there's just hundreds of interesting blogs listed. Here are a few of the antique ones I like to follow..

Gill Hanna is an antique dealer

Red Door Antiques

Monticello Antiques

Faded Charm

Antiques Diva

This is wonderful for fashion
particularly street fashion.

I'm off for my walk now before finishing
 some of the many pieces we've sitting in studio and my living room.
Never stops when you have your own business does it?
We have a very small cottage in Arundel.
I have five chests of drawers in my lounge we are working on.

Arundel Walks

Try to do 4-5 miles every's helped with the weight loss, but it's also so theraputic.

Arundel...beautiful hey?

Have a great day

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