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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Open Days at The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses, Lovely Places & other stuff.

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

Open days.

At our antiques warehouses are on 
Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May.
10-4 pm

We are now EIGHT businesses down at The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses.

  Paul Hodgson
is upstairs at 
French Loft
 P & A Antiques in the Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors warehouse

as are Margot and Mooch

French Loft...who you will also find up in Arundel High Street....
Paul Hodgson antique pieces are quite beautiful

Diverse bunch aren't we?

Photographs to Daydream to.

Do you love travel?
And taking photos along the way?

I love both.

Not that I get much chance to get away these days.

If I return from far flung places
 with only a card full of pictures
I'm more than happy.

 I was just sifting through some of my favourite images.

Precious captured moments to remind me of gorgeous places and fabulous people.
Toulouse Garden

We have friends in

They have a spectacular garden.
Well, they have a pretty fantastic house too.

Dragonfly on a rusty bench...Toulouse


Julie and Rudi were married in Sorrento a few years ago.
We stayed  in the lovely Piano di Sorrento.

It was the most fabulous week.
Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Naples......

Julie and Rudi are antique dealers also.

They have an  antiques warehouse
  just outside Chichester.

You'll also find their stall at  fairs such as Ardingly and Newark.
Know them by the Italian flag fluttering high above their stand.

Many of their friends who poured into Sorrento for the
wedding were dealers from the  antique fair world.
It was quite a week.
Would love to return.

Here's a link to their website.

julie and rudi's website


Walking through Arundel park one cold
 morning I was lucky enough to capture
John Dunlop's racehorses taking their morning exercise.

What a beautiful sight on that bitterly cold January morning.


English country weddings are beautiful.
Villages and cottages make lovely backdrops for gorgeous brides

I was thrilled to get this shot of a dear friend.
The wedding was in the little village
 of Slindon just outside of Arundel.
A real English affair

Here's another English wedding
 in a village near Arundel
 called South Stoke.

A popular venue locally as there is a large barn, that's just perfect for receptions.

Only ever been to one US wedding.
Our lovely Jay and Krista were married in Virginia.

These are not my pictures....they are stunning...wish I had taken them

My husband dancing with his new daughter in law

my lovely son and I 


Brighton still holds a pull for me.
Born and bred there,  my Brighton childhood was a happy one.

This was probably one of the maddest hen do's I have ever been on!

When these gals,
party they really party.

The hen do was mostly on Brighton Pier
 and along the seafront, on a scorchingly hot day.

 I was enlisted as the photographer for the day... so I didn't have to wear the tutu.
Thank God...

I have to say they all looked brilliant and 
a few heads turned as they walked along the prom! 

Friends for lunch

A fabulous al fresco lunch is an annual event at our friend's
Julie and Rudi's.

Rudi being a chef as well
as an antique dealer, creates a feast beyond compare.

.....and then its over the road for  a stroll along the beach


I adore France.
Thinking of living there.

These are all in Sees northern France...............

I came upon this ordination of a new priest quite by chance
as I was sitting in Sees Cathedral.
It was quite a spectacle.

and Bordeaux 

and Annecy in the Haute Savoie

Blog of an Arundel Artist

You might be interested to read 
Karin Moorhouse's blog.

She is an Arundel artist and friend.
Her blogs fascinating. 
Its always full of interesting stuff.

On with the work.

Can't sit here all day, much a I would love to.

Just seen a piece go out the door, taken by couriers.
A screen I've been working on for House and Garden magazine.
The shoot is tomorrow.
It's not our usual style.
Great to be asked.
We worked to their specification for the shoot.
I'll let you know when the mags out.

This was the piece we worked on for last months article.
Whimsical ways to use wallpaper.

Finishing a little chest we've covered in shells.

Have a wonderful day.
whatever you are doing

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