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Monday, 18 May 2015

Old Brewery Warehouses Open Days and Fundraiser at Sparks Yard for Nepal.

If you like to explore Arundel 
 in Sussex you will love to find, 
hidden away behind the Co-op, 
the last remaining buildings of the
 19th century Arundel Swallow Brewery.

The warehouses that in Victorian days stored
 barrels of ale, these days house decorative antiques.

Once the haunt of weary travellers 
in search of refreshment it is now a regular stop
 for antique and interior buyers for their own
homes as well as many overseas antique trade customers.

There are eight antique and interior businesses in the three large warehouses.

Arundel Eccentrics
Harmony Antiques
and French Loft
Can be found on

Where you will find all their latest pieces

English and French furniture such as mirrors, chandeliers, chests of drawers and dressers jostle for room with decorative buckets, Persian rugs, garden and architectural pieces.
19th century wooden settles from old Norfolk pubs are piled high with croquet sets while old school science lab stools hang from rafters.

This Sunday and Monday (Bank Holiday)
 the warehouses are having Open Days.
10-4 both days.

 So, how to find the biggest antique and interiors shopping secret in the area?
 Down the little alley next to William Hill, turn left at the end and sharp left again.

Coffee and cake stall proceeds to The Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice

Margot and Mooch

Look forward to seeing you

On Losing It

I'm rubbish at remembering people's names. 

Managed to get a system going using word association.

You know, you get introduced to someone at a party,
"Brennie this is my great friend, Id like to introduce you to Bridget."
As I'm shaking Bridget's hand and smiling and saying,
"Hello Bridget, nice to meet you." I'm working on some connection or another.

Something I'll remember. Easily. Quickly
"Yép, Bridget Jones, that'll work nicely."
Then each time I meet the lovely Bridget I visualise Renee Zellwegger voila.

It only really falls down if I've had more than one glass of Pinot Grigio.

"Hello Renee, lovely to meet you again."
So, it works in theory. 
Just not every time.

Worse than that is when you just don't register. At all.....
Is there something you can do about that?
My husband, Nass, gets round it by,
"Hello darling," or "hello Mate."
"Ha. You don't remember their name do you?"
"Absolutely not a clue."

He once spent a great chunk of an evening in the Arundel  White Hart pub talking to a woman.
She bounded up to him. All exuberant and huggy.

"Hello Nass, how are you."
"Yes well thanks Darling. How's about you?"
"Yes great."
She clearly wasn't moving away.
"Can I get you a drink?" Racking his brains and playing for time.

He said she stayed for an hour and a half and to this day he doesn't know who she was.

Arundel is a wonderful town to live in. Small, mostly friendly. Incredibly sociable.
You get to know people really quickly on a chatting in the local or at a party, level.
Or maybe they've come into your shop, or you met them while walking on the river bank.
Out of  context though, occasionally you just cant  remember who they are.
Mostly it comes eventually, but not always.

I walked into a party recently.
Same as happened to Nass.
Sea of faces.
Woman hugged me. Warmly.

"Hello Brennie. How are you? Haven't seen you in ages."
Hugged her back.
Nope this day, it's not only the name that eludes me.

Faces I'm usually good with.
Even that particular talent appears to be ebbing away.
Just can't remember where I know her from. Not a clue.
Spent the entire party trying to work it out.

Just going to get worse n'est pas?

Fundraiser at Sparks Yard

I attended a fundraiser for Nepal last night at Sparks Yard in Tarrant Street.

Sparks is a gorgeous contemporary shop in Tarrant Street in Arundel.
It's a family run lifestyle store that sells all manner of items from scarves and cards, to kitchen items, the most fantastic scented candles and books.

The Loft, their new stylish beautiful cafe was absolutely packed.

There was a glass of prosecco and canapés included in the £10 entrance.
Lovely atmosphere and ambiance.

There were stalls where businesses donated a percentage of their takings.
On top of that a cake stall and raffle with donated items.

They were inundated with donations .
The cake stall was phenomenal, but I did manage to resist.

Didn't dare...I know my weaknesses.
We ain't getting like that again!

It was great to see loads of Arundel faces and I managed to catch up with  people.

Fanny Adams from Tarrant Street had a clothing stall

Funny thing was......there were many who I suspect are the same as me, when I said 
Their face defo read,
"Who the dickens is this and where do I know her from? Nope haven't a clue."

Ha ha this getting older lark

Anyway, Sparks Yard raised over £1500 in under two hours.
Fantastic result.

Have a great day
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