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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Antiques, Arundel and Ardingly Antiques Fair

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Tartan Chests of Drawers

Been working on a Tartan chest of drawers.
Doing my head in as I have to measure, mask off, paint, measure some more.
Its a few hours work...a lot of hours work....

Worth it though

19th century chests given a whole new persona.
Painted and aged to look like they were decorated in 1880.

They will fit in with either traditional or contemporary settings.

Bowls and buckets

Its been a busy few weeks for us and I'm 
working madly on 
vintage bowls and buckets.
Some have been painted and decorated with gilt before decoupage.

Some painted and decoupaged

our Victorian Bamboo continues to go to the US for a new life.

I had to work the night shift to complete the work on this little lot.

Who would think that hidden away 
behind these uninspiring doors
all this goes on?

 We have some lovely
antique pieces coming in.

Nass was so excited to find them.......

he had to adjourn to 
"The Office"
to celebrate.


That would be
The White Hart
 in Queens Street Arundel.

Its affectionately known to the local guys as
" the Office".......
they tell me loads of work-networking goes on there.

Really Nass?
Is that what they call it now? 

It's one of the friendliest
 pubs in town.

Great food too.


Have a meander around Arundel

It's such a lovely town.....

 you'll meet all sorts of people,
many of them quite eccentric

all waiting for our antique and vintage warehouse to open..

you might be forgiven for thinking I work for Arundel Tourist office

I just love our little town.

I started with my shop in here.

Angela our town crier

my little apartment on the hill...

it's not always this busy

No where else quite like it is there?

Date for your antique diary

Ardingly Antique Fair Next Tuesday and Wednesday.

  fashion photo shoot in the middle of all those antiques

No...he isn't part of the fashion shoot

have a great day

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