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Sunday, 5 June 2016

House and Garden Magazine and Lovely Arundel Walks

House and Garden Magazine

We had a couple of tables in House and Garden magazine this month.
They asked us to decorate them especially for the shoot.

The designer envisaged patchwork with paper.

I tell you, I looked at those two little tables for ages.

Passed them, covered them with a cloth, put them out of the way.

Tried to ignore them.

Yep generally procrastinated.

Just didn't know where to start.

Once I got going....
 I really enjoyed doing them.
Something quite different for us.

While I scanned in the magazine of this month it
 made me look at all the other press coverage we've had.

This appeared in a supplement...It was sold through Liberty and appeared in write up about this beautiful house.
 on the bottom right...if you know what I mean

 and there it is top middle of the page..
Its a bamboo cabinet...English 19th century.
I've decorated it with gilt and then decoupaged with fish.

 this was something on Whimsical Ways to use Wallpaper
and we were asked to cover a chest with
Cole and Sons Harlequin wallpaper

and to cut figures from their "Opera" wallpaper and decoupage them over the Harlequin.
Crazy hey?
It sold immediately
Complete one off .

 couple of our bamboo tables....this one gilt and dragonflies.....

A 19th century English Bamboo cabinet.
It was painted in a Dulux bright green,,,cant remember the colour off top of my head.
and then decorated with parrots decoupage.

The very first chest we decorated with fish decoupage.
Went off to NYC
Two years later it appeared in the US interiors top magazine Arcitectural Digest...
what a wonderful surprise.

A Victorian English Bamboo table that the magazine wanted decorated with lions and leopards.
It's been one of our most popular images ever since.

Mon Dieu I look quite dippy in this photo.
Or drunk?
Actually I think it was acute embarrasment.

The photographer had spent some time setting up the furniture.
We had just got started when the shippers turned up to collect all the pieces as they had sold.
So I had an audience of two guys hopping around impatiently as they needed to get to the next collection.

              one of our tables 

Fish chest of drawers.....
write up in Antiques Trade Gazette

Arundel Walks

Had the most wonderful walk last Sunday after I closed the shop.

The afternoon was warm and beautiful.

I went along Arundel river bank towards The Black Rabbit Pub

 and then like in some meditative state........ just kept going.

 Come along with me.......

Beautiful isnt it?

I just walked and walked and ended up in South Stoke.

It brought back memories of weddings and parties I had been to here.

South Stoke is a small hamlet with the tiniest Church and a barn that's perfect for receptions.

 our friends and neighbours Jon and Lisa were married there.

As for last Sunday.....I started to flag by 6 oclock...and it was a long walk home

When my lovely husband called to see if I wanted a lift .........................

Well it was almost Pinot Grigio O'Clock

Have a great day.

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