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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Arundel Walks, Ardingly Antique Fair and The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

Good Morning

Off for a walk in Arundel park.
I try to go most days but sometimes work prevents it.

10,000 steps if possible.

 I have an app on my phone
when youve done 10,000 steps it says "well done you," with a very loud

 one morning I had an extra long walk......

and sneaked behind a bush

ladies you will understand what I mean....
Looked around here there and everywhere one in the vicinity 
 just at the crucial moment

Woahhh nearly jumped out of my skin....

Feeling nostalgic for the days when
we walked in Arundel park and would often see the trainer
 John Dunlops horses out for their early morning rides.

this was taken on a really cold frosty February morning and you can see the horses breathe.

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

Hidden away behind Arundel Co-op
just 5 minutes walk from Arundel High Street...well only 2 if you're a fast walker....

Three wonderful sources of decorative antique and interior pieces

Here a little video about
The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses
where we are based.
Three large warehouses all  packed with decorative interior pieces.

just click on the link below

and here's a link to our FB page
where you'll see more about us.

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Love antiques?


Ever been to Ardingly Antiques Fair?

If you haven't,
 do try and get along this week.
Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's worth going on the first day, if you can

It's called "Dealers day",

but you don't have to be a dealer to gain entry.
You just need £20.
Its cheaper second day, I think its a fiver, (but the £20 you pay on the first will give you a ticket for both days.)

I love the first day.
It's buzzy.
Everyone  full of anticipation.

 I'm not so keen on taxidermy...each to his own.

If you want to find out more here is the site to go to

Meanwhile , Im just putting the finishing touches
 to the chest of drawers I've been working on this week

Botanicals decoupage...takes a lot of cutting out.

Have a wander around our
 warehouse and see some of our latest antique pieces

Have a great day.

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