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Friday, 27 January 2017

Latest Pieces,Victorian Bamboo, Arundel & Roll on Spring

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics

Few latest items in our warehouse/showroom

English Victorian Bamboo.

Here are a couple of our 
English Victorian Bamboo Tables 
Homes and Gardens Magazine.

and a few on the 4th floor of the Liberty Store in London did they come to be in such prestigious interiors magazines and that beautiful store?

When this is how we found them............. just see a tatty 
old table, or bookcase
 lying there in grannies shed
or down at the car boot sale.

You may think its from China, and it's new.

Or maybe, that its old, but also from the orient.

Its a fascinating story and that table has 
been around a lot longer than you have.

Well....unless you happen to be about 150 years old, that is. 

The furniture was made circa 1860,
many of the factories were in London and Birmingham.

There were around 250 factories producing the pieces.

Have a look at this actually lists them all

It also gives the most fantastic history of the aforementioned Liberty store
 and the Arts and Crafts movement.

Another knowledgeable person on bamboo is 
Gary Sharpe

Gary Sharpe  now lives in 
Edmonton Canada,
though, for 20 years,
 used to be an antique dealer in the UK.

His site is full of interesting, interiors information,
and his knowledge on 
English Victorian Bamboo
is pretty extensive.
Worth checking out...ha ha, and no, he's not paying me 

Victorian Bamboo Table...with lions and leopards
this featured in Homes and Gardens magazine

Victorian Bamboo table....with chickens decoupage

the first bamboo cabinet like this we did for House and Garden magazine

There are only 2 like it......

a bamboo cabinet decorated especially for the magazine shoot

We track down these sad and
 battered bamboo pieces
 and bring them home.

They would probably have rattan on
 the table surface, or lacquer, or Victorian wallpaper
 sometimes leather..

We clean them up, restore and sturdy them..........

and then we paint and decorate them....

if they are in pretty good shape we like to keep them original as well

and we send them on their way....for another 100 years or more.........

some go via some rather posh shops in London, New York, Carolina, Texas.........

Victorian Bamboo Table with chinoiserie .. my clever, artist,
 Aunty paint this, and it sits very well with original painted pieces. 

Victorian Bamboo table....with butterflies decoupage

Victorian Bamboo table with leather

We were lucky to find a  bedroom set of almost perfect bamboo.

We just decorated the top ...the rest we left original

Victorian bamboo bookcase with fish decoupage.

I'm working on botanicals at the moment.
They take a long time to cut out.

If you get it wrong sticking them down...
well, bit of swearing.....

Victorian Bamboo Cabinet with gilt and dragonflies

This is one of our cabinets in a magazine.
It went via Liberty in London.
The home was featured in a magazine.
I spotted this quite by chance

Turns out it was the guy who owns Liberty who had bought the cabinet.

If you are interested
 in our bamboo
just contact us

For trade prices please email us.
To visit outside of opening hours just call or email .

phone for trade appointment...+44 (0) 7973968446
or email

Spring and Summer around the corner?

Please say it is.

For some of our overseas readers I thought
 you might like a taste of an English summer.

One of the nicest events of the summer
is the Love Lane Vintage Fair
 We took a stand when they were in Petworth a couple of years ago

 if you like vintage you will adore it.

 heres their website if you want to see what they have on in 2017


Our town is so beautiful at any time

Have you seen my hyse??
Note to the window cleaner

Castle, cathedral, river......
and history dating back beyond Domesday,

this is where I try to walk most days...
 been too busy of late.......

Arundel comes alive in the summer
 when we have events such as our festival in August

Oh yes...
roll on Summer

 Have a great day.

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