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Saturday, 25 March 2017

New York, Hastings on the Hudson and Our Antiques

It's been a busy few weeks at Arundel Eccentrics Antiques.

We've had some beautiful pieces come into the shop

This is just gorgeous.

a faux bamboo bookcase....HUGE

give us a like on FB if you're going that way

you wouldn't even know we were there
behind these unassuming red doors

A 19th century French printers chest......

1950's Italian drinks trolley

all our latest pieces are on the Hoarde

New York

We were busier than normal as we preparing for our trip to New York.

Always hectic when you have your own business isn't it?
Trying to cover every eventuality for when you are absent.

We revamped the showroom.
Finished all the decoupage.
Contacted all the booked US trade clients to let them know who would be there for them.

Made the flight.

 And we've only had a few panic stricken texts or emails from Arundel.

"Where's the delivery?"
"Where are the antiques to go to Carolina? The shippers have turned up a week early?"
"They are all on the van"
"Wheres the van?"
"Oh No! Having its service at the garage."

So you direct the shipper to go to the garage, which is way out in the Sussex countryside.
Then you call the garage to tell them it's ok for this stranger
 to empty the van of precious antique furniture.

But before you can call the shipper back to tell
 him OK and give him directions, the safety buffer on your mobile runs out.

So then you have to call the mobile supplier and top up.

Ah well..all's well  that ends ......etc etc

We are visiting old friends in Hastings on the Hampton.

Never been here before.
The houses are right next to the golf course.
The oldest golf course in the US.

On our first morning I had a walk.

It was a day of extremes.
All I could hear were birds.

these were the only guys I saw on my early morning walk

Then on the train

and off to the big city

My husband is amazing.
Did I ever tell you that?

He has MS but still does so much.
Ran the Brighton Marathon for charity.

Rode a bike from London to Brighton.
Never having cycled in his life.

56 miles for charity.

I wept when he came through the finish line.

But then another time the wretched illness just wipes you out.

I knew it was a mistake as we fought our way through the crowds.

So we fell into the first nice looking restaurant we came across.

It was small intimate....only 10 or so tables in a tiny room.

We had the most lovely lunch.
Held off the wine.....we were tired enough....I would have fallen asleep

We found our way to The Empire State...never been up before.

It was enough for our first day.

Back to Hastings and a peaceful few days.

Where the  friends we are staying with are opening a menswear store on the 1st April

More of that later.

Have a good day.

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