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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Arundel Festival, Elsa & a Bit of Upcycling

Arundel Festival

A few snapshots of some great moments from past festivals.
It all kicks off again this Saturday.
18th -27th
Heres the link for all things festival
and a link to more about Arundel
and the festival.

The Gallery Trail looks exciting this year.

Now in its 30th year.
The first ever walk around art trail.
Thanks to an inspirational thought from weaver/artist Ann Sutton.

Private views of many of the artists are on Friday.
Always a lovely evening.
I've sprained my foot, so I hope I manage to hobble around.
Little glass of wine MIGHT just help.

What have we been up to?

Arundel Eccentrics have had a rather trying month.

We have an 11-month-old puppy, Elsa, who we almost lost twice.
A grass seed went into her leg. 
It wasn't found.
Normally they migrate and come out through the skin, somewhere else.
I'm no expert.
But, oh no not this one. 
It migrated to her spine.
We were devastated.
The surgeon told us her chances were slim.
But she came through the op.
And when infection set in afterwards, they said she may not last the week.
Customers came in to find out how she was doing.
Locals stopped us in the street in Arundel to enquire.
Even people we didn't know followed the story.
They came to the warehouse eager to see Elsa. 
She's become quite a celebrity.

Why am I telling you all this?
And how is it relevant to our antique business?

Well, it's kept me housebound for a while.
So, I got on with all the upcycling work.
Cut out decoupage while sitting by the huge crate we had borrowed from our vet.
Watching over the poorly pup.

Been busy upcycling.

And where it's wonderful if the original can be retained, the 
Victorian bamboo pieces we find are often way past their prime.
So...we take them to our Arundel studio, which sits at the end of our garden by the river Arun.

First, we sturdy the wobblers.
Take away the ripped rattan with 100 years of dust.
Worm them.
Clean the bamboo and polish it.
Put on a new board so we have a flat surface to work on.
Paint, decoupage, varnish and finish.

And oh! yes, it's many hours work.
But thankfully we love what we do and are passionate about giving these battered pieces a new lease of life.

Worth it?
Well, I've put a couple of before and after photos.
I'll let you be the judge of that.

The finished articles have wound up in some pretty posh magazines and shops in both the UK and US.

I've just finished revamping this cabinet

This is how it started

I put off starting it 

It was in such a mess

Scrubbed up ok though hey?

We do have other antiques. It's not just the decoupage pieces.

We have French and English

latest antiques are on our site on The Hoarde

And Elsa?
She is amazing.
Growing stronger by the day.