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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses...Shhhhh Don't Tell Anyone..and Elsa

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

Do you want to hear an antique and interiors secret?

Well, keep it to yourself but.....if you come to Arundel.............

and you like to peruse antique & interiors shops............

 you may be interested to look a little off the main streets.

not far, mind.....

it's only two minutes walk from Arundel High Street

well, actually, you can do it in one if you're a fast walker.....

From Arundel High Street
walk down to the bridge

over the bridge..keep to the right

down the little alley next to William Hill

 turn left
 and sharp left again
Elsa getting in on the act
 ignore Co-op are almost there

 you will find THREE large warehouses
the last remaining buildings of the 19th century Swallow Brewery

first in the row is French Loft

then Harmony Antiques

Then us at Arundel Eccentrics.

All three have large interesting collections of English & French decorative pieces.

It may not be the most salubrious part of town,
but it's certainly very interesting.

If you are in any doubt as to whether it's worth the shoe leather

take a look at these.....
French 19th-century grocers counter from Amiens

lovely oak 19th-century French cupboard

What a corker!.....19th century cast iron bottle corker

English Victorian chest ..painted and decorate with fish decoupage

French butcher's block early 1900's

French cupboard

Irish 19th-century cupboard

We have 3 buffet deux corps at present

and marble top commodes

English chesterfield...just back from the upholsterer

Mid century valet chair
Pretty shaped table from Belgium

fantastic lights that are going FAST...from the Rolls Royce factory...1960's...£240 each

At Arundel Eccentrics we are open Fri Sat Sun 10-4 officially.
BUT we are often there the rest of the week.

We restore and decorate the decoupage pieces ourselves so we may be busy doing that..or buying.
We aren't at home having a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Though we would very much like to.
If you are travelling a distance just call us
let us know you are on your way.

If you are antique or interiors trade just email us or ring
 to let us know when you'd like to visit.
We are happy to be there any time.

for a sense of pricing here's  link to a lookbook
for better trade prices email us

Look Book


Thanks so much for everyone who has been enquiring about our lovely Elsa.
She is getting stronger by the day.

A one in a million occurrence.
We probably had more chance of winning the lottery.

A grass seed went into her leg.
It had disappeared leaving just a sore spot... and we kept a careful eye.
"They often come out somewhere else..through the skin."

Oh no, not this one.
It migrated...and lodged in her spine.
This was the offending, no, not the pound coin...the grass seed alongside.
The pound coin is just to give some sense of the size of the awful thing.

So it's been a traumatic few weeks in this household.

Here's the full story.

Elsa was one very sick 10-month-old pup.

She came home after the operation...and was doing well for 3 days..when her legs went and she couldn't even feed herself.

We rushed her back...infection.
So another 5 days at Optivet Referrals in Havant.
IV drugs and antibiotics.
"If she comes through this we think she will be ok"
CRIKEY that was one scary week.

Home now and on the road to recovery.
Doggie owners don't underestimate the damage these grass seeds can do.
The grass is so dry it's absolutely lethal.

Our vet says she is taking more and more out each day.
One dog had 6 in his foot!

Get Well soon Elsa Queen of Sussex
 hopefully we will be back to this very very soon.

Do come and see us