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Thursday, 18 July 2019

July, Adoption, Lordington Lavender, Madehurst Big Night Out,Arundel Festival, New Stock and Other Stuff

Adoption &

Happy Birthday to Jay

The best thing I ever did in my life
 was to adopt my son.

He was four at the time, a scrap of a thing.
Undernourished and thin, withdrawn, mentally understimulated,
 with the saddest look on his tiny face, you've ever seen.

 Been through a really tough time.

It's phenomenal that he turned into the most
 charming well-balanced man,
 loving husband, and father.
Not only that, he became a very successful menswear designer now living in California.

We are so very proud of him.


Oh! and I not only acquired the most wonderful son.

Later on, when Jay was 13 years old, and a pupil at Slindon College,
 I was going through a divorce.

I joined the school PTA to fill some hours.
As you do.

We organised a summer ball at the college.
Posh do it was.

The teacher on duty was Jay's rather lovely sports teacher.
And yes, I fell in lurve.

The rest of the staff at the school gave us 6 months.
Even ran a book on us, I heard after.

Well, here we are many years later still together.
So, I gained even more than a fabulous son.

Anyway it was Jay's birthday on 4th July.

Great day for a birthday in the US.
They lay on fireworks for you.

Happy Happy birthday to our gorgeous Jay.

So, what else this month?

Fans of our adorable cocker spaniel will be pleased to hear she is doing really well.
Nearly lost her last year, when a grass seed went into her leg and migrated to her spine.

Here's the full story.

Oh and by the way her full name is,
Queen Elsa of Sussex.
I don't THINK she is related to the other Sussex Royalty, but you never know.

New Stock in our Warehouse

We've had some great new pieces in the warehouse.
Lovely English & French furniture arriving all the time.
Here's a taste.

For all the details go to The Hoarde.

Lordington Lavender

I visited the wonderful Lordington Lavender last week.
It's a taste of Province... in Sussex.

In a small village near Chichester.

If you're a photographer looking for a venue to take engagement/ wedding photos.
Lordington hire the place out.
It's the most romantic backdrop.

Madehurst Big Night Out

Last Saturday we went to the 
Madehurst Big Night Out.
Madehurst is the smallest village on the outskirts of Arundel.
About 150 residents, a church and a cricket club.
So to put on this even year after year is incredible.
They sell out the 5,000 tickets in days.

They would do more but the grounds are not huge.

The atmosphere is wonderful
Thankfully the evening was sunny until late and really warm.
The audience streamed in from early afternoon laden with picnic paraphernalia....
and a determination to have "a real good time."

Sorry, had to be said.

It was a Queen Tribute Band, with some great warm-up acts.
Here's a few snaps.

Arundel Jailhouse

We went to a great party at the Arundel Jailhouse.
And yes it really is an old jail.
Great venue for private parties, but they also have jazz nights and murder mystery nights.

Arundel Notebooks

We have just collected some of our Arundel Notebooks from the printers.
Available in the warehouse for £15
OR..postage is £2.00 to UK
£7.00 to the USA
Contact us if you want one or come to the warehouse.

Arundel Festival is looming.
16th to 26th August

Go to the festival website for more details.

Heres a taste of past festivals

 Come and see us if you visit the festival.
Have a great day

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