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Elsa The Explorer Walks To Burpham.

Elsa and I walk every day.

We are lucky here in Arundel.
There are the most stunning walks around the town itself.
Arundel Park.
Swanbourne Lake.
The river.

Minutes away though, by either car or on foot
 there are the most extraordinary walks imaginable.
During lockdown, Elsa and I have been exploring more new paths.

Our regular favourite walks take us to
South Stoke and North Stoke,
Eartham and Binsted.

Let's go to Burpham.
You can walk from Arundel.

Start on the path behind the swimming pool.

Walk along the river bank until you see the railway crossing.

Over the crossing, turn left by the house and you will see this path.

at the end of that path go through the gate.

You will see this line of poplar trees.

Follow the path.
Then over the stile.
Follow the path that Elsa is on.

You will come across another stile.
Over this on....and go straight on.

When you can't walk any further going straight, without falling in the water, turn right.

Walk along the path until you see this stile.

You will notice there are steps behind.
If you're feeling lazy, you can walk up and you are in Burpham.
But come along for the ride and turn left into the woods.
Trust me, it will be worth it.

At the moment there is a fallen tree along the way.
But it's not difficult to clamber over.
Go on......
Imagine you're in the gym.

You will arrive at a crossroad.
If you turn right it will take you to the pub and the church.
So you could get out here if you want to.

Coming further?
We are turning left.

You will see a little bench on the right down the path.
If you're flagging.

There's a gate at the bottom.
Through that and it opens out.

Often kites can be spotted down here wheeling around.

The castle through the trees.

Be sure to have either your phone or camera, there's some beautiful scenery.

Ok, Ok, Elsa, we are coming.

After the gate, you turn right.

Walk up the lane.
You will pass cottages to your left.
Peppering House on the right.

Turn right at the first junction.
If you want to meander down the lane to the left it's very beautiful.

Lovely place to take photos of the scenery.


But ..if you want to just get on.
Turn right.

As you walk along that road, take in the view.

You can look across to Arundel and the castle.

At the far end, by the church are a couple of benches, a good place to sit and pause.

St. Mary's Church is beautiful.

Built in the 11th century it is worth taking a moment to 
look around.

Around one side you will find a "lepers window."

This small window, dating from the 1300s, 
was built into the wall to allow the lepers to listen to services, 
out of sight of the rest of the congregation.
In medieval times there was a lepers colony in the area.
You can still walk the Lepers Way.
Here's a bit more about Burpham

At the end of the road, turn left, then right.

If lockdown has eased and The George pub is open, 
it's a good place to stop.

 It was bought by locals a few years ago so it
 wouldn't go the same way of many old English pubs.

Walking on you will come to Burpham village green.

In summer you will often find a game of cricket going on.

They also have the most wonderful summer fete.
Not this year, but watch out for it in the future.

Keeping to the left follow the path and you will come to some steps, "Jacob's Ladder."

Once down you should recognise the stile from earlier.
Climb over and you are back on your original path.

Walk along the path, over two stiles.
At the 3rd turn left.

( If you wanted to return to Arundel via a different route, you can go straight on here. Over the railway and just follow the path. It will meander along the river, taking you back to town. It's a longer route, but very pretty.)

If you've opted to return the way you came.....walk down from the stile, turn right.
Follow the path over the next stile and back through the wooded area.
At the end, turn right and over the railway.
Bear left to finish your walk into town.

The walk to Burpham is pretty special in my history.

Years ago, my girlfriends would gather a group together and walk to Burpham with a picnic.
( We cut out the wooded part of the walk, just went up the steps.)

Nass and I went on our first date on that walk.
I had an Afghan dog at the time.

Nass was my son's rather dishy young PE teacher.

I was going through a divorce.
Joined the PTA to keep me busy.
thats Jay, 2nd from left...with his sports teacher
That's Jay 2nd from left and his sports my husband

I'm ashamed to say I asked him out.
We walked to the pub and sat outside for a drink.

Suddenly, the heavens opened.

We had to call a taxi from the nearest phone box.
(pre- mobile phone days)

Nass told them we had a small, slightly wet, dog.
The taxi driver went loopy when he arrived.
An Afghan could never be described as small...and she was drenched.

Oooo not a happy taxi driver.

Happy me though.

Hope you enjoy 
The Burpham Walk