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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nass, MS, Catie Ross, The Brain Tumour Charity and the Arundel 10K

My husband is amazing.

Sometimes I tell him so.
But mostly in an exasperated derogatory tone.

Joker that he is.

You know what I mean?
" My God! You are truly amazing!"
As you look on stunned at his latest antics.

But mostly I'm in awe.
Don't you ever tell him I said so.

A few years ago Nass was diagnosed with MS.
Not great when you love sport.

I met him 27 years ago when he was my sons young sports teacher.
Lucky ole me.
I was going through a divorce.
It took the edge off that very nicely, thank you.

Nass taught  and loved all sports,
favouring football and rugby.
He was  a brilliant boxer.
Ran regularly.
Played cricket for Slindon village and Arundel Castle.

So when he was diagnosed we felt our lives were falling apart.

What mostly annoyed him at the time
was he only went to the docs for a corn on his toe.

While he was there he mentioned he kept leaning to one side as he walked.
I asked him to as he tripped me up if we were out walking together.
He kept wandering across my path.

Months of tests followed.

When the diagnosis came we were both shell shocked.
For a long time we couldn't think straight.

Then one evening Nass announced,
"Hmmm. I'm not taking this lying down."
"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to sign up for the Brighton Marathon. For the Chestnut Tree."
(The children's hospice just outside Arundel)

I sighed and worried.
He signed up.
Did a little training.

And  ran it.

Raised a lot of money.

The following year came round.
"What shall I do this year?"

I looked at him.
" Your legs aren't great."

He shrugged.

"Then I'll cycle."

Nass had never cycled in his life.
He bought a bike three weeks before 
The London to Brighton Cycle Ride.

As he took it out the car, all shiny and new, I asked,
"So where will you train?"
" I'll give it a go now."

He wobbled down Fitzalan Road while I put my head in my hands.

A week before the big ride he had done a few trips to 
The Black Rabbit and back.
That would be around 3 miles tops.

I went away with friends.
Been planned for a long time.
It was good for my nerves.
I received emails from Arundel friends.

" We know Nass must be training he left The White Hart before dark last night."
This did not bode well.

But again, I hadn't counted on his sheer determination.
56 miles he cycled.
For The Chestnut Tree and Brain Tumour Charity.

Nass and our lovely friend Amy who cycled with him.

He was so not tuned into cycling he 
was the only person not wearing a helmet.

 never even occurred to him.

I wept as he came over the finishing line.
How could I ever have doubted.

He took a year or two off

Well, off the sporty stuff.
We organised a dance/ auction/supper
 charity event at Arundel football club.
Hard work but fun.
Raised a lot of cash for
The Brain Tumour Charity
& The Chestnut Tree
 thanks to all the friends who helped and supported the event.

I thought that might be the the end of it.
But no.
When Nass is touched by a story he wants to do something about it.
However hard it might be for him.

Along Came Catie Ross

We have an antiques warehouse in Arundel.
And several US clients who visit, once, maybe twice a year.

One of them has, in their life, the gorgeous Catie Ross.
The more we heard about this baby the more it touched us.
And Nass in particular.

In and out of hospital since birth.
She is one brave little girl.

Nass wants to raise some money for Catie Ross.

So her family can give her a little treat among all the hospital visits.

He also wants to raise more money for 
The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain tumour has touched many of our friends.
Some have come through.
Sadly, many have not.

The Arundel 10K

During the Arundel festival in August we have the 10K run.
It's up and down all the hills within the Arundel park.

I'm told its not the easiest.
What do I know? I'm not a runner.
I like to walk over those hills with an audible book plugged into my headphones.

Well, Nass is determined he wants run it.

Even if he winds up walking the last few K.

I worry his legs will let him down.
That he will fall, as he sometimes does.
And not get up.

Nass says Catie Ross and The Brain Tumour Charity are special.

He just says he will do it.

So he will.

Please sponsor him.
However small, it all helps.

Here are the links
Catie Ross Gorgeous Girl

The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain Tumour Charity

Thanks so much for reading
Have a wonderful day

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Petworth. The House, Town and Antiques & Other Stuff

What a beautiful day my friend Allie and I chose for a day out.
The sun was shining. The roof was down on her little Smart car.
We had been planning a day together for ages.
Not that we don't see each other.

We only live a few minutes away from each other here in Arundel.
But life and Arundel is busy and we only manage to meet once a week for a glass or two.
( Who am I kidding? A glass or two???) 

Anyway, our last excursion in the daylight hours was to Virginia Wolfes house in Lewes.
If you've never been it's well worth a visit.
Lewes also is stuffed full of antique shops. (And its got the lovely Bill's for lunch) 

Virginia and Leonard Woolfes house belongs to the National Trust.

I joined as a result of the visit.
The plan was an outing at least once a month.

That was a year ago.
And, no we haven't.

So, yesterday, we decided to kick off our National Trust visits.
Somewhere on our own doorstep.

I've been to Petworth a lot. To look around the antique shops. Never been around the house.
We were both unprepared for just how stunning the interior is.

Seen it from the outside, of course.....which is amazing enough

but the inside is extraordinary................

from the glorious wallpapers

and furniture.....

to the art

 Oh yes they are all there.....

to the breathtaking Trompe L'oeil staircase.

After fire in 1714
an artist was commissioned to paint the awe inspiring piece.
For which he was paid the princely sum of £200!

Allie and I went to a trompe l'oeil workshop together many years ago.

This just knocked us side ways.

Then on wards, room to room  just took our breathe away

one of the house guides giving a talk

ooo errr

The oldest piece in the house

Made in 1592!

It's the earliest English Globe in existence

Out in the garden the sun shone. It was hot.
Half term and families were having picnics in the park, under the shade of the old trees.

We headed into Petworth town to rummage the antique shops.

Parking in town was a real pain the rear.

The car park was full.
Irritable hot drivers were driving round and round.
They were all hoping to dive in as soon as a space became vacant.

We swore a lot and gave up.
Found a space in a quiet street just out of the town.

The town is full of lovely antique shops.
It's always on the itinerary for our US trade clients.

We wandered a bit and went to The Hungry Guest for lunch

Food lovely, a bit on the slow side with being served, but we were happy to rest.

Good items on the menu for us veggies.

Went down to their shop and eyed up things like these huge meringues

Only eyed them up mind you.....

They have the most fantastic bread and supply many  shops around Sussex.

It would have been rude not to buy some.
With the large loaves they will even sell you a half loaf, which is good to know.

Great day
thanks my lovely chum
So....where next I wonder?

Walking around Arundel

I've been trying to walk every day again

 from 5 to about 12 kilometres.
Depending on how much time I have.

the other day I walked across the fieldsfrom Arundel  to Burpham for their village fete.

Set my Map My Walk app.

Tuned into my latest audible book and I was away.

 only saw wild life on the way.

Burpham village fete is a very English occasion.

Then I walked back.
Fortunately a friend delivered all the lovely plants I had bought.
The thought of carting those petunias a few miles was daunting.

Latest Items.

Here's a few of the pieces we have in our antiques warehouse at the moment.

For all our other pieces you will find many on The Hoarde

If you want to visit
we are always open Friday Saturday Sunday 10-4

Often there the rest of the week but we might be out buying or restoring
so just contact us.

If you are trade and would like to find out more just email

and for more regular updates heres our FB page

Have a great day