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Arundel Eccentrics

Hello from Arundel Eccentrics   We are at present working on a new website Meanwhile, here is a sample of what we do.                                                             You will find our collection on                                                                        The Hoarde   Arundel Eccentrics are based in a 19th-century  brewery warehouse     down a little side street in Arundel. Just a few minutes walk from Arundel High Street. At the moment, we are open by appointment or chance. Happy to open anytime for you just give us a ring. 07973968446 or email Why aren't we there all the time? Well, a few reasons. Often we are out buying, or in our studio working  on furniture. We are a small business.... husband and wife,  Nass and Brenda. During lockdown, (as if that weren't enough)  Nass suffered a cardiac arrest. Scary stuff. Very dramatic. It involved my neighbour and I performing  CPR  and an Air Ambulance taking off from the field op

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Arundel Eccentrics Walking and Our Warehouse