Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Happy Nowrooz

Happy Nowrooz

Nowrooz Moborak to all our Persian friends.

"Happy what?"
I hear you say.

Persian New Year.
4.15pm on the 20th March.

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"I'm going on holiday."
"How lovely! You deserve a break. Where are you going? "
" Iran."

Without fail the person blanches.
Goes silent.

"Oh dear. Will you be safe?"
"Why on earth are you going there?"

We go for many reasons.

Mostly Nass, my husband's, family, are there.
But also, we want to see more of this beautiful country and meet it's warm, welcoming people.

Nigel Slater recently did a food programme from Iran.
Listen to what he has to say.

Nass came to the UK to a boarding school in the 70's.
He was 11 years old.
Due to the uprising and subsequent changes in Iran's regime
 then the war with Iraq he was stranded here.

Here's the full story

Nass didn't see his family again until he was 30.

Brothers were born.
Family married and had children of their own.
The small village in the desert on the outskirts of Yazd grew large.
 And his mother wept every day for the eldest son she thought she would never see again.

Last year we were guests at the most stunning wedding in Yazd.
We also managed to do a fabulous road trip.

Here's a very small glimpse..............

meet the family....well just a few of a very large clan

If you are interested to see for yourself
 there are several companies
 that run tours and will sort out visas etc.

So what are we up to at the moment?
We had a good write up in Reclaim magazine last month.
Every little helps as our warehouse is slightly off-piste.

Where are we?

Who are we?

We have some rather beautiful new stock.

Both English and French

and a smattering of Italian

all our latest pieces can be found on 

I am busy working on gilt bowls and Victorian bamboo at the moment.

I paint/gild then decoupage

and this is how they start out......

worth all the hours of work

finding new walks to go with our puppy, Elsa.

Heres one of our favourite places
The Bluebird Cafe

"Where are we off to today?"

Hope you have a great day

Friday, 2 March 2018

Arundel Eccentrics.......Who? What? Where? When?

Arundel Eccentrics.......Who? What? Where? When?

But not necessarily in that order.


Let's start with what. 
Then if it's not something you're interested in ........

Decorative antiques.
Mostly English

 and French.

Maybe a smattering of Italian once in a while.....

Large pieces

and small

and quirky

The occasional object that isn't antique at all

because it's just too beautiful or unusual to leave behind........

 a whale carved from reclaimed wood from Portsmouth dry docks.

then there are mirrors

and chairs.....

and the objects that started life as one thing and wound up to be something completely different

Mirror made from two 19th century French windows

and the pieces we paint and decorate small Victorian boxes

& tole trays

and tins
and larger pieces like chests of drawers....

and English Victorian bamboo

pair of mid-century French bedsides

French demi lune

old enamel washbowls that we decorate with gilt and decoupage

and fishy chests
  BTW the first chest we decorated like this wound up in................

Architectural Digest
 Ten years ago...


So by now. you may be interested or you may have returned to looking at FB.

If you are still with us lets look at where.

Arundel West Sussex UK.

Probably one of the most picturesque towns in the country

especially  in the snow like it is at the moment

Not on the high street, but hidden away down a little alley, or twitten as we say down south.

From the High Street, you walk down the hill and over the bridge, keeping to the right-hand side.
Next to William Hill is a narrow alley.
You're in a salubrious part of town now.

Walk to the end
Turn left.
Sharp left again.

There may be vans or cars blocking your view.
There may be a Co-op van unloading.
Or a potato van unloading to the chippie.

Dont give up now...youve come this far.....

You may wonder if you are in the right place.
Don't be deterred.

There they are.
Three large antique warehouses.

The last remaining buildings of Arundel's 19th century Swallow Brewery.

Arundel Eccentrics is the last in the row.
Last but by no means least.

With no window to press your nose against, you could be forgiven for thinking it's not that big.

but beyond these unassuming red doors.....

 Well, you get the picture....

Oh and by the way we are also in Liberty London.
Just a small collection now, but we had the huge room on the 4th floor in 2016.

Amazing to have been invited.
We were chuffed to beans.

Arundel Eccentrics in Liberty London


Husband and wife.

Nass and Brenda.

Live in the town.
Have done for almost thirty years.
In a lovely Victorian terrace at the other end of the street.
The river Arun at the end of the garden.

With their latest addition

If you have the time and the inclination this is how we started the business 20 years ago

But if not....lets move on to


Well, anytime really.
Officially we are open Fri Sat Sun 10-4pm.

There's just us.
There's no big team.

It makes us laugh when someone asks us to,
"Get your team onto it."
Particularly as our team sleeps so many hours.
the third member of our team

We may be out buying.
Or decorating furniture in our studio by the river.
Or collecting from the restorers or upholsterers.

But we are often there throughout the week.

Just give us a ring.

We will make sure we are there if you are coming a distance.



Come anytime.
Really. I mean it. 
Night or day.

Just let us know.
Ahead of time.
Even the day before.
Even an hour before.

We live just along the road.

We are so sad when someone calls us with,
"We've come from London (or Texas) and we are outside your warehouse and there's no-one here."

But we are 50 miles away collecting furniture.

Meanwhile, many of our latest pieces can be found on

Heres our FB page

Follow us on 

Have a good day
As for me?

We are off  for a walk

 over the Arundel hills

Work can wait until later this morning.