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I Wasn't Expecting That

   Two years ago today. A Tuesday. A day like any other. We woke to the early morning light streaming through the blinds. Nass put the kettle on and walked down the garden with Elsa. As he always does. We had plans for the day. I would walk Elsa at Slindon and start work on bamboo tables. Nass would be going to the shop. A day like any other. I worked on business emails on my tablet. Propped up in bed, occasionally gazing across the field opposite. Elsa joined me, idly watching the horses grazing outside our window. A day like any other.                                Nass brought me coffee. As he always does. I laugh and say he wants to keep me upstairs. He can watch the early news programmes in peace. Channel hop as much as he likes. A day like any other. Only it wasn't........ " I  don't feel so good. " Not like him at all. He never comments on how he is feeling. His MS is a pain in the backside. But he never moans. So I took notice. " What's up?" &qu

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