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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


First things first.
Here is our lovely town
We are based in Arundel, West Sussex in England, a small country town, which boasts a castle and cathedral dominating the skyline. A river, and beautiful ancient buildings, some from as early as the 16th century abound. Steeped in history we have antique shops and tea rooms, old bookshops and hiking stores. Probably one of the smallest theatres in the land, and ghost tours to take you around the creepiest parts of town. We also have a very English lifestyle with typical English pubs and local flower, garden, book and yes, even knitting groups ( called Clackers!) and characters such as our town crier and local authors and actors, musicians and artists.
During the festival in August it’s possible to pick up a map with a  list and wander round the town viewing over 100 artists, in houses, shops and old brewery warehouses.
My friend Allie and I started to produce the Arundel Diary last year. Its growing and growing. The 2012 is being worked on as we speak, and our artistic juices are often fuelled by the odd glass or two of white wine.  
We take photos of the townthroughout the year. Here is a sample from this years diary, with many of the people and places around the town we have grown to love.
PS Allies husband and their neighbour after the 10k in the Arundel Festival. 

There are some great little secret places in Arundel...
This is my little road
This, for years was known as the Maison Dieu, but evidently in recent years it was found to be incorrectly named and is in fact the remains of 13th century Blackfriars Priory.
The thing is...I didnt KNOW that did I??
 So on some of my Arundel Greetings cards I have called it
The Maison Dieu.
Such is life..

Arundel down by Bullers Boat Yard
The Cathedral, during the carpet of flowers...If you've never seen this you need to do it at least once..its quite spectacular.
The Cathedral
The Cathedral and St. Nicholas Church.

Last year we all watched these babies grow and one by one leave the nest. The last adolescent who stayed at home until the very end, appears to have just spread their wings and left home.
Georgian Houses in Tarrant Street...I used to live at the one with the palm trees about 20 years ago...the local MP lives there now.