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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair
 coming up next week, Tuesday and Wednesday.
 Oh! lets pray for fine weather, it can be pretty miserable in the damp.
 If you have never been its well worth a wander.
 It is £20 entrance , but that covers both days if you have the energy.

Tuesday is the day all the dealers go and Wednesday mostly the public,
but I would never leave it until the 2nd day.
 Ok its cheaper..half price.... but some of the sellers only do the first day, and those that do stay over often start packing up at lunchtime, particularly if they have come a long distance.  might THINK you are getting a better deal only paying half price,
 but you will only have half the fun!

Anyway, do look out for us if you come.
We are in one of the shopping arcades, not far from the black gate.

By the way, if you are a bit of a photographer,
 it's always worth packing your camera,
there are some great shots to be had.

Now...its back to my paper work..its 3.50 in the morning and I am on my night job.

Please, please let some kind person come and buy all my decorated furniture
 that I might be able to sleep in my bed again at night!