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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Arundel Diary 2012 and other chat

Allie and I have been busy working on the Arundel Diary for 2012.
We hope to make it our best yet.

The problem with us, is fitting everything in, where do the hours go?
I am back on my nights tonight with the "adolescents with challenging behaviour", and then I barely get a minute to do anything. 
(Actually, some of the staff have challenging behaviour too ,
now I think about it.Yes, guys, you know who you are!)

Allie is busy working on her "junk journals" and cards etc ready for the
Arundel Arts Gallery Trail in the Arundel Festival,
which is at the end of August.
Those wonderful, balmy, August, Arundel days seem a long way off as I look out on the rather miserable, dank February weather.
The River Arun looks grey and even the ducks seem depressed. 

  But back to the summer,and if you
have never been to Arundel for the festival,
 it really is well worth a visit.

I am working madly on furniture, Victorian Bamboo and chests of drawers as we have booked to have a stall at Ardingly in early March.
I also have a great write up in BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine, which comes out next month and I hope this will put me on more people's radar. 
The photo is great.... apart from me,that is, and it makes me look more of a nutty crank than I actually am.
Or maybe I just need to take another look in the mirror.

Meanwhile my house has ended up looking like a junkyard,
so Nass, ( my husband) and I have started decorating.
All in all..utter chaos.

Thank goodness, Allie and I still find time for a glass of wine to relax and de-stress ourselves
When all this quietens down I am thinking of starting
painting and decorating, 
vintage furniture courses.
I will probably do them in our summer house at the end of the garden, by the river in Arundel.
Its beautiful down there, as you have the Cathedral and Castle in full view...and it's peaceful. 
It will have to be later in the year, but if anyone is interested do let me know.

If there are any stores out there, interested in stocking our Arundel Diaries,or cards do get in touch with us.You can see more of them on the website

We are always on the lookout for new outlets.
If you are in the U.S. we can print covers especially for you.
For example..."English Small Town Diary"or somesuch
 and with all your store details.

Arundel Castle

Anyway, meanwhile here are a few images to let you see how beautiful our town is.