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Sunday, 27 February 2011

BBC Homes and Antiques magazine

                                                                                                                                                                                       Just about to come out in print is the write up BBC Homes and Antiques magazine recently did. I am really delighted with it. Not sure about the bit I am meant to have said about the Americans who come though, not QUITE what I said, and I trust my US customers wont be too offended. Oh! well I am sure misquotes happen to  celebrities among us, all the time. The write up you see was when it was still work in progress, so the bit at the bottom left doesnt read sensibly, you would have to see the magazine for that.

By the way,you might wonder why I am grinning inanely.
  The metal box I am sitting on was sold and the shippers arrived during the photoshoot to take it.
They were hovering in the doorway trying to chivvy the photographer along.
He , in turn had just spent ages getting the whole ensemble together so was not wanting to rush.
I was just embarrased to have the audience.
One of the girls I work nights with thought it made me look a bit mad, but I guess you would have to be anyway, regardless of how dopey I might look, to be sticking fsh all over everything.
When I showed a neighbour, I happen to say " a girl from work thinks it makes me look..." and before I could get the word mad out of my mouth, my neighbour kindly trying to help me along said"chubby?"
Thanks for that!
So...Ok... I look mad and chubby!