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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spring in Arundel

Lets hope Spring & Summer wont be too far away.

Its 03.00hrs and I am taking a little break from my paperwork,
 listening to the rain hammering on the window and hoping the Spring weather will arrive soon.

I try to have a walk every morning after my night shift..otherwise I will get as big as a house and it also helps me wind down after work, in order to get to sleep.
Some of the nights can be a bit wild with these adolescents, and if they hit you
with the verbals you can often go home feeling totally demoralised.

Yesterday, the sun shone, but on most days  just recently, Arundel has looked pretty bleak.
Even the ducks look miserable on the stream down Mill Road.

We are all looking forward to seeing the Spring babies in Arundel's duck and swan world.

There have been  some spectacular moments over the years,
with mother ducks having their babies all over town.
 One year, a family came waddling down from Maltravers Street, crossed the road and then in a line waddled all the way down to the post office.
 By the time they hit Mill Road there were a few minders trying to guide them in the right direction
 and  being no exception , I joined the happy throng.

We guided them across the road and the family arrived safely at the river near Bullers Boat Yard.
The problem there was mummy duck jumped up on the wall to get to the river,
but the small and inexperienced babies were stuck.
It was impossible for them to get up.
All us on the rescue mission, strangers to each other,racked our brains,
whilst the mum made a hell of a noise,
trying to entice the ducklings up on to the wall. 

 Then we had the bright idea of making them some sort of ramp
 down by where Bullers Boat Yard put there boats into the water.
(I am sure there will be a technical name for that, but not being a seafaring type,
I have no idea what it might be.)

Cannot remember what we made it out of, but we ushered the babies along to it and they all managed to eventually get into the water, much to their mothers delight...and the delight also of the rescue team.
Everyone congratulated each other on a job well done and went their seperate ways
...never seen any of them again.
One of those funny little moments in time, where people are drawn together.
It happens a lot in this little town of ours.

Anyway..roll on Spring