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Saturday, 5 March 2011

THE article we are again at 03.00hrs,
taking a little break from my paperwork in my night job.

Many thanks to everyone who has responded and shown interest and support
 after my little piece on Nass

The article in BBC Homes and Antique is out and after much excitement my end, I received the first phone call.
I was all of a doo dah in anticipation of an order/ a sale/ a good enquiry

" Hello Darling" said the womens voice
" I'm sorry do I know you?" was my reply
" No, my dear, but I've just seen your lovely write up in the magazine......
.......and I wondered where you got your sweater from?"


Well, in case anyone else out there is thinking for one second of raising my hopes and needlessely getting me all excited

TRICOT (darling)
 Tarrant Street
01903 885298