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Friday, 11 March 2011


We are currently working on the Arundel Diary 2012
which we aim to have out in the shops by the Arundel Festival in August.

This will be our 3rd year and Allie and I intend to make it the best yet.
( By the way, check out the latest Bell magazine,
where Allie has a write up, and one of my Arundel Diary photos features on the cover) 

We will, of course be listing all local businesses anyway,
...If you are a local shop/restaurant/pub and would like a page with a photograph
 and an
extra space for all your details such as opening/closing times
or an idea of menu,
 it is a mere £40.

Only thing we would ask is that you try to stock a few diaries.

We like to include businesses...
which are part of our everyday Arundel  life as
 much as the beautiful scenery.. 
 but....without making them look like pages of adverts

A few examples of last years inserts are attached

 We are also working on the possibility of businesses who might want them,
having their own bespoke Arundel Diary.
They would be great to send out to clients at Christmas....
Oh trust me , it will be round before you know it!

So, accompanying the 24 colour images of the town, would be 24 images of their own shop/pub/restaurant and their own cover.

We would come in and take the photos unless  customers
have their own favourites they would like included.

We are trying to work out the logistics at the moment,
 of how to keep the price as low as we can,
but enough to make it viable for everyone. let us know
Are you a local business, club, group who have some important dates
for 2012 you would like included? 
No charge

For any of the above please email