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Monday, 28 March 2011

Getting Ready for "The Great Haul"

Back on the night shift.. I really am  too old for this double life!

I just spent my four nights off manically getting things together for showing at
"The Great Haul" in Seven Oaks.
We will be there from 1st April for the month. We are really excited about being somewhere that people can actually see us through a shop window.

There's no room to work in the warehouse, so our little house is stuffed full to bursting at the moment, with chests of drawers, Victorian Bamboo and buckets, bowls and other paraphenalia, all painted and decorated, but waiting for their final varnishes.

I had to ask my mate Allie to come and give me a hand,
so here we are in our Summer Studio,
we work so well together
 and laugh till we cry sometimes. is the aforementioned Summer Studio
outside in the garden....  It's a good job its a long garden.