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Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Month so Far...

It's been a really hectic month so far, 
as a result of having the editorial in
BBC Homes and Antiques magazine.
It has meant a huge amount of interest and as a consequence... sales...WONDERFUL!

The trouble is, when potential customers now come and visit,
I seem to have very little in the way of decoupage items,
although I have been manically trying to put that right.
So...I apologise now, but if you are after a specific item, such as a chest of drawers,
just let us know and it can be painted and decorated to order..with whatever you like on it.

Here's a link to view images that we can use and then
the world's your lobster.
You can 
 choose a colour,
images and leave the rest to us.

These are all pieces of furniture that have headed off to pastures new
 and are now mostly living
 in far flung corners of the US.
But... it's helpful to give you an idea of what might work on a chest or table.

Apologies, also to anyone visiting the
Arundel Eccentrics website.
It's sadly in need of updating but there really just are not enough hours in the day.

For anyone that might be interested, 
an idea I have been working on:
"Heirloom Chests of Drawers".

A chest of drawers, covered in a family's documents, photographs and memorabilia,
( photocopies, not the originals) aged and varnished. 
Wonderful for a wedding gift.
The idea being.. it then gets passed down through generations.

We have been trying out a new grey on our fish chests
this one went out almost before the paint was dry,
so I guess that means its a success.

For all my Victorian Bamboo customers
 I am enlisting some extra help from Allie on my next nights off,
 and we hope to get a few nice pieces out,
so... if you are after
 Victorian Bamboo tables,
(also have a double fronted bamboo bookcase,bamboo canterbury, just begging to be done) 
do let me know.

Anyone who doesnt know about
English Victorian Bamboo, it was all  originally made in around 1860,
 (see, its not all 70's Habitat after all!)

We are very excited that we will have a display of our furniture  in
The Great Haul
8-10 Bank Street
from Friday 1st April until 29th April.

many thanks to Ann for inviting us and
for all the publicity she is driving our way.

Mon Dieu! I will be working night and day,
cutting and a sticking 'til the cows come home

Still keeping the eyes peeled for shop premises that are right for us 
and looked at one in Petworth the other day,
although not sure the time is quite right for a move.

I would also like to set up courses for painting and decorating vintage furniture and need somewhere with the space to do it
If anyone is interested in signing up for these do let me know.

We will keep all our regulars informed of any changes

Now,to my lovely husband.
Nass has reached over £600 on his sponsorship for
The Chestnut Tree
Childrens Hospice.

Huge thanks to all our friends who have kindly supported Nass so far,
by sponsoring, I can't tell you what a boost its given him. 

For anyone that doesn't already know,
 Nass was diagnosed with MS just before Christmas.
It was like being hit with a sledgehammer that sent us both reeling. 
However, in true Nass fashion, he then signed himself up for the
 Brighton Marathon in April.
Yes, that would be THIS April, not next year!

He now has a second page for anyone who still would like to sponsor him.
Its for the
MS Society and the link is below.