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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nass, MS and The Brighton Marathon.

Everyone that knows Nass will agree what a lovely, cheery optimistic person he is. (Well, most of the time hey?)

A few months ago he was diagnosed with M.S.

It was like being hit with a sledgehammer.
After the initial shock wore off, however,
what did my lovely husband do?

In spite of not running for 20 years, he signed up for the
Brighton Marathon! Nass feels it will be his last chance to do a marathon and he wanted something to focus on.

Everone in Arundel will know Tim Bridge, or George,
as we have always known  him.
 What they might not realise is that Nass and he have known each other since Nass was a boy at Slindon College.
George was one of his teachers and he has always seen Nass as one of his prodigies.
You watch him glow with pride when Nass is mentioned 

Actually, its more than that... Nass came to England to go to school and
 because of the turmoil in his own country,
he couldnt return home and was stranded here.
He came as an 11 year old and did not see his family again until he was 30.
He spent entire holidays in the school alone, when all the other boys went home to their families. 
As a result, over the years, people like George became family to him.

George and Nass have taken part in runs before,check out the photo above
How handsome is the Nass? and have hardly changed at all! 
 George has really stepped up to the mark and is helping Nass train.

Nass is raising money for the local childrens hospice,
The only one in Sussex, right here on our doorstep in Arundel.

Chestnut Tree House

                                                                                                                                                                                       "Chestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice in Sussex and cares for children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses from all over the county."

Here is the link if you would like to make a donation:

I did ask Nass , who says he actually finds running extremely boring,
what used to spur him on then when he did half marathons etc.
He thought for a moment, and I  in my innocence assumed he would come up with something  very deep and meaningful......
" I just find the best, pert, woman's bottom,
 focus on it and aim to keep up with it...
it always worked for me"