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Monday, 25 April 2011

The Hen Party

 What a weekend...
I went on the maddest 
"Hen Day"
I have probably ever been on. 

Far from being an extrovert myself, 
I have only occasionally been known to sing and dance on tables in public, 
and that would only be after 
copious amounts of wine.

These are all  great gals I work with, 
who, when they party, they party with a vengeance.

 Thank goodness I can get away with just observing 
by simply having my camera slung around my neck
I did actually TRY to pull one of these 
uniform tutu's on over my clothes, 
but, either Sharon, 
bought me a size waist 18", 
(which I would like to think she had)
or I have gotten really,
 horribly, fat since working the nights.
Sadly, I suspect that is the case.

Either way, the only place it would fit was over
 my head like a bridal veil. 

We all went to Brighton, where the girls kicked up their heels
 in one of the karaoke bars at the end of the Pier.

It was great fun. 
As you can see 
they all had a whale of a time
(excuse the pun)
 and the people on
 Brighton Seafront wondered what had hit them.

Good Luck Zoe

( Now, I think I need to get in training for the wedding)

Have a great day
Hope you are having as much fun
whatever you are doing