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Monday, 9 May 2011

English Victorian Decorative Furniture & other one raging husband

Anyone who purchases
English 19th Century  pine furniture
will know how difficult the stuff is to find these days,
well, in any quantity that is.


Imagine my jubilation to find an auction selling only that.
Yes! the entire auction was of
Victorian Pine.

On the day, my ever patient ( er, not always)
husband Nass, told me several times
"be careful".
Of course, at the time I was led to believe he meant on the roads,
Hmm no, he meant in the saleroom.

I drove for 2 hours, cross country,
(praise be, for sat navs)
my destination right in the middle of no-where.
I arrived at the auction house
 and viewed the furniture in the barn adjoining the saleroom.
It was all pretty much in a mess, it must have come from a restorers storage room,
and was thick, thick,thick with dust.

I made a note of the items to watch and went into the main showroom where the
 items could be viewed on a huge tv screen.
And there, guvnor, was where I went wrong.

I was seduced by the prices and thought items looked pretty good on the screen.
On my way home I was chuffed to beans with myself!

Nass went to pick it up in the van I hired.

Now, it's jolly lucky I wasnt with him.
I suspect I would have been in grave danger of my life.

He returned, leaving a good half of it behind,
and he, himself, was coated with the thickest layer of dust I've ever seen on anyone.
He was RAGING!
Never seen him so mad......

We had to put the left pieces back into the next auction...he said on one item
 he went to touch it and his hand went straight through, it was falling so much apart.

He was right when he noted I hadnt even thought
WHERE I would store it and
HOW I would get it ll back!

Anyway....the items we kept after,
having a good clean off ,
are going to be gorgeous.

and it gave me the idea for the new addition to my website,

People can look at the items as they come in and before anything is done to them.
They can then say, waxed, painted, gilt decoupage...whatever.

The website has had a makeover and is full of items I have
 been manically working on in time for
Spring and Summer.
Flowers/fish/shells/country images

Do have a look, if you are interested in
19th century English furniture with a bit of a twist.

We will be at
Ardingly Antique Fair
in July
alongside the (now calm) husband
and his company
Harmony Trading.