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Friday, 3 June 2011

Arundel..the car boots ..the antiques, town criers and other stuff

Whats happening next in Arundel?
I really enjoyed the medieval siege last weekend at the castle, and in contrast to that will be up at crack of dawn to go car booting at Ford on Saturday.. I shouldnt be spouting on about it really...we dont want TOO many people down there!
 Why? Because it's grown into such a great car boot sale and apparently has taken over from the huge market that used to be at Brighton Station
We dont REALLY want everyone knowing about this great place.
You will find antique dealers from all over, buying and selling,
although strictly speaking it's not an antique fair, it's not far off.
Having said that 
there will also be the usual intriguing bric-a-brac,
 and odds and ends from any one of us emptying garages, lofts and closets.

It has a great buzz about 7am, when you will see antique dealers rushing up and down the aisles with that peculiar haunted look we all seem to have, occasionally nodding  a good morning to a fellow dealer....but much too hectic to stop and speak. That's until you have done the rounds and then it's time for a latte from one of the much smarter coffee stands than I  ever remember from the car boot of a few years ago.
Car boot sales have gone slightly more upmarket hey?

Then it's the moment to mull over life with a coffee.

After the car boot I thought I might take a look at the
"Town Crier" Competion in Arundel town centre.
Thought it would be interesting to take some pictures for the Arundel Diary.

Is this the first one?
Competion, I mean.

I've never been aware of it before.
Having said that, because I work nights as well as run my business,
half the time I dont even know what day it is.
No, really! I'm not joking ...thats the problem with nights..
you go to work and its Monday and come home on a Tuesday..or is it?
Then you go to bed and wake up not knowing when or where the hell you are.
I have my dinner when I should be having breakfast and vice versa.
Paint furniture when I should be snoozing and stay up for US antique dealers,
who are looking as bleary as me because they've just flown half way across the world.

Thats the time to catch me for a bargain!
I was once so half asleep, I virtually gave a nice piece away.

That all reminds me...I MUST buy a lottery ticket........

 Family life on the river at Arundel.