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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Perfect English Wedding....Good Luck Peter and Katie

Its been an interesting and busy week.

Last Saturday I went to, 
what can be described,
to our US cousins, as, 
very English Wedding.

The ceremony, was held in a small, actually, 
tiny church in the village of Slindon 
on the outskirts of Arundel, 
in Sussex, England.

Prior to the service,many of the guests 
arrived for a champagne reception at 
Slindon College, a school whose building is owned by the 
National Trust and is set in the most beautiful grounds.

I know it well, as my son attended the school, 
and shortly after my own marriage disintegrated 
(actually, lets be honest,I was dumped!) 
I was  on the PTA and arranged a Summer Ball, during which I found myself strongly attracted to the young PE teacher...tee hee...
to whom I am now married....
(Perks of the job n'est pas??)

But, hey, that's a SLIDINGGGGGGG DOORS story for another time!

I digress.....lets return to the wedding........

Slindon College
 the service was gorgeous, amusing, touching,
the right degree of humour to counterbalance the serious bits...great hymns and even a rendition of
"Always look on the bright side of life"

all the key factors in a good wedding service.

Afterwards the bride and groom rode through the very English country village on horseback. Only problem was the groom's horse was a bit feisty in the churchyard and he had to exit..pronto.

I wanted to get shots of them on their horses and had to run like a thing possessed through the village to get a picture.

Peter, the groom, remarked afterwards I came charging round the corner like the paparazzi with everything flying everywhere. 

but I got that one great shot and then...

off they headed for the reception

It was a great day and it was lovely 
to catch up with a few people.

 I had a little stroll around the village after the service

and then on to the reception

The reception was a lovely informal affair, 
the sun shone,
the kids played cricket, 

plenty of munchies, 

a quartet 
played music throughout the afternoon 
and even the bride and grooms dogs put in an appearance.

All in all..a perfect English summer wedding

Good Luck to you both
Peter and Katie