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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Its been a hectic month and hence I haven't blogged for sometime. It took me a few days to exit the shop in Tarrant Street and make it all clean and tidy, plus to set up everything again in the warehouse.

Yesterday was Ardingly Antique Fair
and OHHH didn't it rain and rain.

Nass and Steve set up early in the morning and by the time I arrived,
 they were looking absolutely drenched.

The brilliant thing was Nass had sold a couple of my pieces 
to Liberty in London again. 
We are really hoping the fish chests of drawers will take off up there and in time I hope to give up working nights to concentrate on the business.

I managed to buy a few bamboo tables but dealers 
were one by one giving up on the day and packing their wares.
The rain was torrential.
I really wished I had taken my camera as there were some wonderful moments, with dealers and sometimes their dogs,
wrapped up in blankets sitting on the backs of their vans.
I did take some pictures on my phone but it felt a bit intrusive, as everyone looked a little depressed.
I really needed my zoom lens to stand at a distance!
One guy opened his caravan door wearing a top hat to serve me. I don't think he was being affected, I would think it was the only hat he had to keep the downpour of rain off himself.

bleak, bleak, bleak!

Loads of people packed up early to head for home.
Now its off to unload and set up the warehouse again.

We hope that we've made a few new contacts, 
particularly the US antique trade who seem to like our things.

The warehouse isn't particularly off the beaten track, 
but sometimes people find it hard to locate us.
Once they do though, the US trade seem really pleased 
and return over and over again. 
Many have become great friends over the years.

Oh! If anyone sees Nass out and about today..
its his birthday, so call out to him!

Have a great day