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Monday, 19 September 2011


Had a great evening yesterday. 
I went to see my big bruv Graham and his family and he took 
us all as a belated birthday treat for Nass and I
to an Indonesian restaurant in Hove. 

(anyone who looks in on the blog might remember our adventures in the 
Persian restaurant in Worthing, earlier in September!)

You wouldn't even know it was there...its under a hotel.
It's called Bali. 
The food was unbelievable and cooked completely fresh
 so you have a wee bit of a wait... but trust me, its worth it!
I had a sneaky look at the bill and its really reasonable.

Grays, bless him ordered a couple of aubergine dishes, 
when we told him about the ghastly Persian experience!
Actually, after that blog, some kind soul
 left some very gorgeous aubergines on my doorstep!

Updated the website yesterday and have loads 
of new decoupage pieces for any of my regular customers, 
who might be interested to have a look.
Heres a sneak preview

I'm back on the nights tonight with the adolescents 
with challenging behaviour, 
( actually some of the staff have challenging behaviour also!)
NAH... just joking guys

Have a good week

website link below