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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Arundel Walks, furniture paint courses, pieces in House & Garden, Nass Interiors and other chat.

Good Morning.

A couple of Arundel dates for diary
to kick things off.

Arundel Farmers market 
is always the
3rd Saturday of every month.
All around the town centre.

Ford Car Boot,
which surely must be the best in the area?
Every Saturday at 
Ford Airfield.

Get there early to avoid  the disappointment of 
missing the wonderful bargains to be had.
If you want a stall I think they start queuing REALLY early.

My friend Gwen is a regular stall holder and has been 
known to sit in the line from 03.30 hrs. 
to earmark her same pitch. 

Also, while you are down there,
I hear that Ford Prison have a wonderful 
garden shop, but I am not sure of opening hours.
No, really, this isn't a joke and the opening hours
 isn't meant to be a play on words.

It REALLY is meant to be a great shop.
If I hear of times and more information, I'll post them

What changeable weather we've been having, hey?

One day its so hot, the next back to winter.

 I had a great walk the other day and thankfully, 
remembered to pack my zoom lens.

I did set my
Map my Walk.
Put it on private though.

One of the last walks I did the thing
 played up and told the world, through
Facebook I had just walked 112 miles.
Not bad for an afternoon.

I had people congratulating me for weeks.

walking along into town from Fitzalan Road, along the riverbank

we always think this old barn would make such a fabulous house

I started walking along the river bank 
but I am not brilliant at walking through herds of cows...
I know, I know, pathetic, but there you are. 
I decided to head down to Swanbourne lake and take to the hills.

babies just out of their nest...waiting for breakfast

and here it comes.............

swan on her nest

more babies in a nest in a very precarious place...hope they survive bless 'em

so........... off down Mill Road and into Swanbourne Lake

graffiti on an old boat house...colours are gorgeous

water lilies on Swanbourne Lake

I walked up into Arundel Park and came back through town and as I did so popped my head round the door of the Tudor Rose cafe 
on the corner of High Street and Tarrant Street.
I just had to tell Jackie 
 how wonderful it looks after their re-furb. 
Didn't pass the threshold as my boots were caked with mud.

She was telling me they are opening the space downstairs
 and will have antiques down there.

Mostly smalls.
They are opening it this weekend.

Have a look if you are visiting Arundel. 
When I know more I'll put it on the blog.

Funnily enough many years ago I ran a 
vegetarian lunch bar at Sion School in Worthing.
 Jackie's daughter was then Head Girl 
and used to come to give me a hand every lunchtime.

Small world hey?

She is now a very successful interior designer in San Francisco.

Next month ,
I will be starting courses in our
 Arundel Eccentrics
Riverside Studio.

Painting, distressing and finishing antique and vintage pieces.
Decoupage and gilding.

Details to follow 
but if you are interested do let me know.

email me at

I have a few people who have been waiting for this for a year now.

Apologies for the delay guys!

Website has been updated with all our latest items

Oh! and 
House and Garden Magazine 
will be using a couple of our 
Victorian bamboo tables for their latest  photo shoot
sometime next week.

That's great news.
We are really excited about that.
I'll let you know when it will be published.

Nass is busy busy 
Nass Interiors.

Nass Interiors...two men and a van

 My Nass....cheeky chappie...seems to make friend wherever he goes

He has been all over the place this week,
 delivering for interior designers and antique dealers
 breaking down  stands at
Battersea Decorative Fair 
and returning the pieces to the clients shops,
where he and Russell then set it all up.

I have to say, their display is second to none.

Long, long days.
They seem to enjoy it though.

If you are in the trade and want items moved or 
delivered to your own customers
in the 
South of England

Nass Interiors number is