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Friday, 11 May 2012

Arundel Wildlife ( no, no not the pubs) Chelsea Flower Show, Night Duty and decoupage

All you Arundel wildlife lovers who have been closely 
following the fortunes of our new life down 
in the river and streams in the town,
might be interested to take a look.

These poor swans have been struggling to stop their nest being 
submerged by the ever rising river.

I took my zoom lens down a couple of evenings ago to check on them.
At that time, I can only report,
in my old nursing jargon of a few years ago,
"as well as can be expected"
"appeared comfortable".
They seemed OK,
 but the river is exceedingly temperamental at the moment, 
like the weather.

lets hope that alls well that ends well

Along Mill Road the stream is positively heaving with vibrant new life.

ooooopps I don't mean you mate...
there seem to be a few of your buddies making themselves at home, this year

out for an evening stroll, then tucked back into their nest ,by Mum.

I have had an interesting week with a few pieces being photographed by 
House & Garden Magazine
will let you know when its published.

I am busy working on some chests of drawers at the moment.

This one is half way done.
It needs varnishing and ageing down.

Sometimes a piece can have around 30 coats of varnish.

If you fancy learning decoupage, 
gilding or painting furniture 

do email at

Oh, I might have found something to wear 
for my lovely sons wedding later in the year, in Virginia.

I happened upon a gorgeous summer coat a few weeks back and have now found a dress exactly the right matching colour,
quelle horreur
I need a new body to go in it.

Working on it, but miracles take a little time.

Now, I am working on my nights,
so its shortly off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
for me.

Gloomy day...for a change,
so I really wont mind.

Oh something nice to remind us Spring,
ha ha
might be just around the corner.

Chelsea Flower Show..

ever been??

I was lucky enough to get some 
complimentary tickets a couple of years running,
an antique dealer buddie, 
who used to have a stand there.

If you have never been its well worth a trip.

The tickets are not cheap,
it's crowded, you'll get jostled,
but its buzzy and exciting and overwhelming.....

 My mate Allie and I have been a couple of times and
we take a little packed lunch to go with the Pimms on the lawn dahling...

You will return home to your garden, 
be it several acres or just a small patio....
absolutely brimming with enthusiasm and ideas.

Well, must away to my bed..blast now the sun has come out!
Ah well only one more night to go.

have a lovely day,
whatever you are doing.