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Monday, 14 May 2012

Climping near Arundel...a blustery walk along the beach and craquelure on a butterfly chest of drawers

I had an early start and a staff meeting
 at my grown up job this morning.

I decided to have my walk and clear 
the head before coming back to Arundel.

If you have never been to Climping, 
it's just down the road from Arundel. 
About 10 minutes drive.

We used to go there regularly to walk along the beach,
when my son Jay was small and we had a 
very exuberant Afghan hound.

 Its changed a little over the years and now boasts a car park 
with a barrier and the charges that go with them.
On the other hand there are now decent toilets and a little cafe.

The great thing about the place is it's a picturesque little country village,
one road in, one road out, with the beach at the end.

It was blowing a gale down there.
Any cobwebs, from any meetings, 
were well and truly blown away

This house reminded me of real 1960's English seaside houses
This twisted metal looked like sculpture

I walked along to Elmer...there's quite an assortment of different architecture...
this put me in mind of beach houses in Carolina

this is  a typical little English Country pub
The Black Horse pub down Climping's main street...actually, I think its the ONLY street
Bailiffs Court and Spa is a gorgeous hotel and is a favourite  local wedding venue

Baillifs Court

So...back to work at home on a couple of pieces of furniture

here is the butterflies chest I've been working on.
Yesterday I put on the craquelure and  today I'm varnishing
It's coming together rather nicely.

If you want to learn to do all this ,email me as I am starting some  workshops next month 

 Hope your day is going well and you've managed to blow all your cobwebs away too.